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HEXBUG Spider is compliant with CPSIA standards.

HEXBUG Hexbug Spider (colors may vary)

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  • You can see how LARGE the VEX Robotics Spider is just by how I have to hold it in my hand! It walks and acts just like a regular Hexbug Spider, perhaps a touch slower but definitely cooler since you can build it yourself! The VEX Robotics products range in price from $49.99+ to $149.99 for the whole kit to make all 4 of them (biggest bang for your buck but you can only build one at a time)! Although this is a short low light Instagram video here’s a quick clip of our first use of the Spider in action:

    I recently bought a Hexbug Spider after . The thing which impressed me was the unique directional control. The spider changes direction without turning by changing the leg sequencing and uses just 2 motors. It's based on work done by , (although he is not credited by Hexbug) and comes with IR control - rotate left / right, move forward / backwards. Build quality is really good and it comes apart with a single screw for the 'carapace' and three more to get to the circuit board. The next set of screws gets to the heart of the mechanics, but I didn't want to risk disconnecting something so haven't gone further.

  • The HEXBUG Battle Spider Battle Ground retails for $69.99, but is . You can also just buy the Battle Spiders without the fortress and walls. They are from $54.99.

    Now they have the HEXBUG Spider XL. It’s a larger version of a HEXBUG. In fact it’s about the size of a Honeydew or Cantaloupe. It’s about 65% larger than the Original HEXBUG Spider

    • Only contains ONE Battle Spider. Order two for a battle!!!!
    • Robot spider with lights and laser blasters for battle!
    • Encourages fine motor skills, imaginative play, interaction
    • Maneuver Spider with RC control, shoot lasers, watch realistic recoil!
    • Direct hit to Battle Spider - stuns briefly, red lights beam, futuristic sounds
    • 10 hits and Hexbug Spider shuts down
    • Switch back on for another battle
    • Simple controller with 360 degree maneuverability
    • Spiders react to hits from any direction - 360 degree hit sensor on top of head
    • LED forward eye, always know which way you're facing
    • Press trigger on controller to shoot laser beam
    • 2-channel rc controller; control 2 spiders without interference
    • Color choice not available, all vibrant
    • Includes 1 Battle Spider, controller
    • Requires 5 button cell batteries, (included)
    • Approximately 5.25 x 4.5 x 4.25 inches
    • Durable plastic materials

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    • An exceptionally large remote control Hexbug Spider
    • 65 percent larger than the original Hexbug Spider; approximately 7 x 5 inches!
    • Moving legs, translucent body, fascinating in motion
    • LED forward eye
    • Operated by a 2 channel, user selectable radio-controlled remote
    • 360 degree steering
    • Spider unit requires 3 AA batteries
    • Remote unit requires 1 9V battery
    • Batteries not included

    New to the HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creature product line is the HEXBUG® Battle Spider, the first mechanical HEXBUG designed for two-person play! These sci-fi battling robots have a remote control and come fueled with futuristic voice and sound effects and high-tech infrared battling capabilities. HEXBUG Battle Spiders will amaze with their realistic recoil and physical response when hit and when shooting. Its unique, battle-hardened deco and also a hi-tech life-sensor that measures each hit add to the ultimate battle experience.

Hexbug Spider Hacking Kit (no solder) by EMGRobotics

The HEXBUG Spider XL features 360 degrees of steering, a light up LED eye and a two channel remote control allowing you to use more than one spider at a time (working independently of one another), as well as operate at slow, medium and fast speeds. The light up “eye” helps you to know which direction the Spider is going.