Safety 1st Summit High Back Booster Car Seat, Quarry Features:

As a Board type Extreme Gear in , the High Booster is well-balanced in its attributes with average statistics and is suited for general riding.

Evenflo Amp High Back Booster Car Seat, Carrissa

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  • This Graco TurboBooster High Back Booster Seat is a great seat to transition to for my "big kid's" needs. Its easy to move back and forth between cars, and it protects my child.

    Ease of Installation
    I love this seat because basically you just use a regular seat belt with it, and the shoulder strap goes across, but glides through the top so its at your child's perfect level.

    Child's Comfort
    This seat doesn't seem as padded as a few other ones I've seen in the store, but my child has never complained, even after eight hour road trips.

    Support and Safety
    This seat is basically a booster and your car seat belt is the real protection. Every now and then, if I have to stop suddenly, my child moves a little bit forward as well, but with the seat belt.

    Ease of Use
    This seat is great, but its slightly annoying when the bottom unhinges from the top. Then you just have to click it back into place.

    I like that when your child gets older, you can unhinge the bottom booster from the back, and then they are ready just for the bottom booster part.

    We've washed the outer parts in the washing machine a few times, and the plastic has held up over the years. A great basic car booster seat.

    My daughter's Graco Nautilus is expiring in a few months so it was time for my 6 year old to get a new seat. I chose this since it came with good reviews and felt more sturdy than the booster seat in her daddy's truck. My only complaint the seat belt guide and how the seat belt has to be taken out of the guide or it twists up when I fasten her into the seat,after fastening I can move the seat belt back into the guide.

    Ease of Installation
    After installing a harnessed seat for 4 years this was a breeze for sure. Simply slide onto the vehicle seat and slide the seatbelt into the belt guide. No messing with keeping the seat tight and all the other rules that a harnessed seat needs to follow.

    Child's Comfort
    My daughter is 6 years old and is the one that rides in it and says is not as comfortable as her Nautilus but it is more comfy than her other booster seat in her dad's truck. She enjoys her big girl seat and isn't uncomfortable in it so I'm happy ! I drive an SUV and her dad drives a full size truck so we have no problems with space with the headrest being up. Now her grandma's car is an issue with space so the seat has trouble fitting in there with the headrest up quite a bit.

    Support and Safety
    All seats are tested for safety before selling to the general public so I felt comfortable buying a new seat. She meets all the guidelines for sitting in a high back booster seat. She is over 4 years old and weighs over 50 lbs and 4'1 in height so I felt comfortable moving her into a booster since her harnessed seat was expiring. This seat feels more sturdy than the one in her dad's truck,plus as I move the headrest up, it doesn't get more flimsy like the other booster.

    Ease of Use
    Its easy to put together,and install in the car for sure . My only complaint is the belt guide and how the seat belt twists if you try to fasten my daughter into her seat while the belt is in the guide. Now if you remove the belt from the guide,fasten her up then secure the belt into the guide everything is good. I have easily moved it from my vehicle into my husband's truck if needed.

    I love how the seat doesn't feel flimsy at the headrest moves up,seems to be a fairly decent amount of padding in the seat,and the wings are nice so if they fall asleep they have something to rest ahead against. My only fault in design is the belt guide. I wish it was a ONE CIRCLE instead of a loop around that makes the belt twist up when you fasten the child into their seat.

    Feels very sturdy and the headrest moves up with the growing child so it should last her a few more years before she is tall enough to sit in a low back booster. Then the seat converts into a low back booster to least her even longer.

  • Cybex Solution X-Fix High Back Booster Seat – Gray Rabbit The Cybex Solution X-fix, Europe’s top rated booster seat is now available in the US! The Solution X-Fix attaches to a vehicle via a rigid latch which stores in the base when note in use, The pivoting arms on this rigid latch insure an easy installation fitting virtually any vehicle seat angle. This quick and easy installation means less chance of misuse. The SFX seat back adjusts to 11 different heights with the head, neck and shoulders well protected during an impact collision. The patented 3 position reclining headrest offers optimal protection in the case of a side-impact. This revolutionary technology safely shifts the balance point of the child’s head slightly back and prevents it from falling forwards when the child is asleep. In the case of a side-impact collision, the child’s sensitive head remains within the safety zone of the seat, ensuring optimal protection. Like all Cybex seats, the SXF comes with latch guides that keep the latch connection points visible and your car upholstery safe. At Cybex child safety is always first. Features: Pivoting Rigid Latch Patented 3 position reclining headrest Height adjustable seat back 2 year manufacturer’s warranty Manufacturer Recommended Weight/Height/Age Limits: Weight: From 33 to 100 pounds Height: From 38 to 60 inches tall Age: From 3 to 12 years Product Dimensions: Weight: 15.5 pounds Length/Width/Height: 18 x 11.5 x 25.5 inches Note: The Cybex Solution X-Fix cannot be used without the back.

    We bought the Graco Turbo booster high back booster seat after our son grew out of a regular car seat. My son loves this booster! It makes him feel like a grown up because he gets to use a regular car seat belt. This booster is great for 4 year old children who are not tall enough to be in a regular booster seat because the seat belt will lay against their neck. This high back booster lets you take the car seat belt away from your child's neck, so if there was a accident the belt will not cut into your child's neck. I like the idea that it has a head rest on the side for your child when they get tired. Although my son hasn't really used the side head rest because when he falls asleep his head goes forward. It also has two cup holders for your child to place there own drink in it. No more breaking your arm to try to reach back to give your child a drink. The back comes off to make a seat booster also. I highly recommend this booster. I loved this car seat so much that I bought a second one.

    Ease of Installation
    It is easy to take in and out of the cars.

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    Cybex High Back Booster Car Seat – Pure Black
    Evenflo Big Kid High Back Booster Car Seat, Benton
    Evenflo Amp High Back Booster Car Seat, Carrissa
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    Children car seat should be in a 5 point harness until they can sit up properly 100% of the time, including sleeping. Kids should be in a high backed booster until their heads can be supported by the vehicle’s headrest (minimum if I remember correctly). They should then be in a booster seat until the child can sit in the car with the lap and shoulder belts in the proper positions, also until they can sit with their backs straight against the back of the seat and their knees bent at the edge of the seat.

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The RECARO Performance BOOSTER High Back Booster Car Seat has all-new features including comfort enhancing memory foam, LATCH connectors to secure the booster, added mesh for breathability, side impact protection foam air cushion, an improved comfort pad, cup holders and stylish trim details. The Performance BOOSTER is a high back belt-positioning car seat that holds children from 30 to 120 pounds. It incorporates RECARO Side Impact Protection technology inspired by four decades of racing seat safety.