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The new  adjustable children's inline skates have just arrived!

Roller Derby Boy's Tracer Adjustable Inline Skate, Small

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    The foundation of the Newron Axion is genius: the Axion’s polyurethane 90mm 82A wheels and ABEC-7 bearings are mounted in pairs to two lightweight frames, each of which has a suspension system built directly into it. This allows each pair of wheels to pivot independently of one another, meaning obstacles and surface imperfections are significantly more manageable than with traditional inline skates. Newron notes an increase in speed of 10% when using the Axions, and after spending a few months with them, I have to agree: they’re damn quick. Not only is speed improved, but the suspension creates a more comfortable ride (lessening your chances of injury) while also substantially improving your overall agility. Toe-kicks can be executed with premium efficiency, just like on ice, which means your stride extension replicates skating on ice. Gone is the slower acceleration, lessened extension and shorter stride recovery normally attributed to inline skating, replaced with a seamless transition from pavement to ice.

  • Inline skating is commonly called "rollerblading," because Rollerblade Inc. was one of the first companies to manufacture inline skates back in the 1970s. Inline skates are fun and versatile, like ice skating on concrete. It's a great way of getting exercise and having fun. If you want to learn the basic gear and techniques, you can get started exploring this great outdoor sport.

    With the increasing worldwide concern about preserving the environment, sporting goods manufacturers are also adopting ways that make the product environment-friendly. This has led to skating shoe manufacturers adopting environment-friendly practices and production methods as well. The K2 skates are a popular example of an environment-friendly skating shoe. These sustainable inline skates are available for both genders, in two different segment categories, the Etu for men and the Maia for women.

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K2 Skate Boy's Raider Inline Skates

Flat setups generally wear into a 'natural' rocker. This is because the front and back wheels seem to receive the vast majority of wear on inline skates.