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Surco HT200 Hard Top Carrier for Jeep Wrangler

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  • The Jeep Baby Carrier is a great way to keep you baby close to your side no matter what you are doing. This Jeep Baby Carrier is manufactured by Kolcraft and allows newborns to face inward and growing babies to face the world. The unique Secure-Fit® indicator turns red to confirm a the latch is locked.

    Jeep Tire Carrier for Cherokee XJ. The 700 is engineered to easily bolt onto the 550-154 Cherokee Rock Rear Bumper (sold separately). Tire Carriers is manufactured from one piece of heavy wall 2 ½” round steel tubing. This clean design provides extreme strength and long lasting durability. It can carry up to a 35” spare tire. Requires purchasing a tire carrier from Wrangler TJ or YJ tailgate and bolting it onto Tire Swing or installing Olympic 707-124 Tire Mount. For extra storage capacity add a Sierra Rack, that easily bolts to the 700 Tire Swing. Olympic 4x4 Products are available in your choice of high gloss black, texture black and pink stuff powder coated finishes or unpainted in raw steel for builders.

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