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  • Personally I use Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil and I swear by it, it has never let me down. Find out the six benefits of baby oil and how to use it:

    Being an oil intended for little ones, it is very gentle, and this is one of the positives. Oils such as Neem oil which was one of the main oils I used in the past, tended to be very strong, mainly in smell, but also generally on my skin it did not feel good, stinging my eczema wounds. Johnsons baby oil feels gentle on the skin, and does not sting the open wounds as much. The smell is equally gentle, that subtle sweet baby smell. This particular oil also includes Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera reminds me very much of leaves, mainly in smell. I was not particularly keen on this scent at first, but after continual use I no longer noticed the Aloe Vera scent as much, I grew used to it, and quite like it now, but still prefer the original Johnsons baby oil without the Aloe Vera. I have not found there to be much difference between the Aloe Vera and the Non Aloe Vera oil, in terms of the way it works on my dry skin, the only difference is the smell.

  • I usually apply this oil after having a shower, as my skin is very dry, I find that I need to absolutely cake it on, so that it tends to seep through my t-shirt, of course this is not ideal for when one is going out, but around the home this is what feels best for my skin. For use before going out, I'd recommend to take some in your hands rub your hands together and then apply on your body, and remove excess oil with a towel just by dabbing a towel over your skin. My preference of oil to moisturiser on my body is mainly due to the ease of spreading the oil across large areas of my body without much effort. I also find that with moisturisers I have to continually reapply every hour, with Johnsons baby oil, even when I put a lot on, it generally gets absorbed in about an hour, so you are left with very soft skin throughout the day. The only problem is waking up the next morning to find the skin even drier than it had been before the oil was applied the previous day, I don't know whether that's just a psychological thing or an actuality.

    I have a dry skin and I can’t step out of the house without a moisturizer. Very rarely my moisturizers help me throughout the day. Towards end of the day my skin again starts longing for some more lotion. So before going to bed I used to apply some oil all over my arms and legs. Now I am using the Johnsons Baby oil as an alternative for night lotions/oils.

  • Baby's skin is tender and has to be nourished properly. Protect baby's tender skin with Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil. Give baby a relaxing massage after bath with this mild and gentle oil. The mineral oil locks in moisture and prevents baby's skin from drying out after a bath. Parents can use it along with baby to keep skin silky soft.

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Baby's skin is more sensitive than adult skin so it needs special care. A super combination of enriching cocoa and nourishing shea in Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil with Shea & Cocoa keeps baby's skin soft and smooth. It's easy to spread to make it perfect for a massage. Pour the oil in your palms and soothingly massage baby using gentle strokes. Baby's skin is especially in danger of drying out after a bath. Prevent it with a hydrating formula that works best on damp, after bath skin.