Includes 3 LeapFrog DVDs and set of 26 flash cards!

Includes 3 LeapFrog DVDs and set of 26 flash cards!

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LeapFrog: Letter Factory

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  • We offer LeapFrog DVDs that teach kids about reading, match, languages, phonics, science, and much more. If you are having a hard time communicating lesson plans to your students, you should consider getting the assistance of LeapFrog DVDs. You will be glad that you did in the end.

    Update: January 2008. My daughter is now three. She just had her third birthday and she requested a "green frog" birthday. She enjoys watching the Leapfrog DVDs so much. She is continuing to learn both math and reading. She now sounds out almost every word she sees, including words on cereal boxes and road signs, not to mention words in her books. She tells her 16 month old brother to "sound it out" when they are playing and they are looking at books or anything with words. Amazingly, my son only knows how to speak a little over a handful of words, but at 16 months, he knows over 50% of his phonics as I quiz him on the alphabet. So,I continue to highly recommend this set of learning DVDs."

  • I used all of the LeapFrog DVDs, available at the time (5), to teach my 5th grade, autistic daughter. She has loved LeapFrog products since she was an infant. It started with her “Baby Tad” which taught music, colors, and shapes. The LeapFrog DVDs are a great seque into additional phonics and math instruction for children. Like using the other LeapFrog products as “edutainment”, this series is fun to watch. One thing that was really good for an autistic learner, was the repetition and carryover from one product to the next: the same characters; the same songs; the same themes, etc. So for a multi-sensory, or audio-visual learner, they were wonderful.

    At Homeroom Teacher we know that are much more than average educational DVDs. For this reason, we always have a very large number of LeapFrog DVDs in stock. After all, teachers and parents need all of the help that they can win trying to teach their children. And with LeapFrog DVDs this is never a problem.

    Leapfrog Learning DVDs 5-Pack
    Talking Words Factory / Talking Words Factory II / Learn to Read at the Storybook Factory / Letter Factory /Math Circus
    Genres: Kids & Family
    NR     2006     2hr 45min

    5 pack of LeapFrog dvds: 1) LeapFrog: Talking Words Factory II: The Code Word Caper 2) LeapFrog: Learn to Read at the Storybook Factory 3) LeapFrog: Letter Factory 4) LeapFrog: Math Circus 5) LeapFrog: Talking Words Factory


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  • Not only do LeapFrog DVDs teach students, but they are also very entertaining at the same time. This is why parents and teachers are both using LeapFrog DVDs as much as possible. Parents have found that they can keep students occupied at home, and teachers know how much they can lend to the educational experience.

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LeapFrog is well known for excellent learning toys and educational DVDs. This three-DVD set introduces preschoolers to important preschool and kindergarten skills like counting, recognizing letters and the sounds they make, combining letter sounds to make words, and using words to build sentences. What makes these LeapFrog DVDs so appealing are the cute animated frog characters Leap and his younger siblings Tad and Lily, who express many of the same fears and insecurities most preschoolers experience; the discs also boast age-appropriate concepts and lessons, fun songs in a variety of musical styles that reinforce concepts learned, and interactive bonus features. In Let's Go to School, Tad and Lily are excited and a little bit scared about their upcoming first day of school. After some reassurance from big brother Leap, Edison the firefly uses his magic stone to transport the kids to the classroom the day before school starts. They learn that many of the items that populate the classroom are just as nervous about the first day of school as they are. As Tad and Lily meet classroom things like chalk, erasers, a clock, books, and a calendar, they are also introduced to some important pre-reading skills like letters and the sounds they make, counting, the days of the week, and the months of the year. Letter Factory finds Tad seeking help from Professor Quigley in the letter factory for an important family presentation. In the factory's fun-filled letter classrooms, Tad practices his karate kicks with the k's, drums on the bongos in the d room, and catches a few z's in the z room while learning to recognize all the letters and the sounds they make. Talking Words Factory is all about Tad learning to put together letters to form words with some help from the "Sticky-ick-o-rama" machine, and combining words to form sentences with the "Word Whammer" in order to complete an application to nominate his dad for a "Best Dad" contest. Also included with this set are 26 colorful letter flash cards that offer suggestions for creative activities to help kids learn their letters and letter sounds.