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Leapster TV™ brings all the fun and learning of the Leapster learning game library to younger kids

LeapFrog Leapster TV Learning System

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  • Simply connect the Leapster TV system to your television and you can play ALL of the games in the Leapster learning library! The game controller and fun-filled learning games are designed to grow with your child!

    Leapster learning system brings all the fun of the Leapster game library to a younger audience. This educational game console connects to the TV and teaches essential school skills from pre-school through fourth grade. Leapster TV also comes with a two player turn-taking game: Dora the Explorer Pinata Party, and a bonus cartridge called Letterpillar. Best of all, Leapster TV works with all of the games in the Leapster family of software. The set also comes with an easy-to-use joystick and touchpad. Complies with FCC rules. Requires 4 C batteries, not included.

  • Leapster TV Learning system has been great for us because we already had lots of Leapster cartridges (I'm talking 20 or more) so for us its more of a one-time purchase for $50. To others who already have Leapster and their kids want a TV system - this is definitely a good route to go. Now that I see how much he enjoys it, I'm sure I'll end up getting a different system at some point down the road with better sound and graphics. But for now, this is adding a whole new dimension of play (edu-tainment) to our Leapster.

    My six year old son now has a game system that I picked up for a good price and he is able to play every single one of his Leapster cartridges on our TV. He loves the system and uses it quite a bit. Now, while we are at home he prefers to play his games on the Leapster TV and then when we are out and about he'll use his handheld L-max controller. One thing I like about this is that now I can see exactly what is on the games and what he breezes through and what he struggles with. When he needs help with a question (like on the Animal Genius cartridge) its easier for me to help him with. Plus, occasionally, he'll even let me take a turn which can be good for a laugh.

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    Brand new leapster TV game console, with a free game included.

    Brand new still in original box

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    Product Title LeapFrog Leapster TV Game Console
    Manufacturer LeapFrog
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LeapFrog Leapster TV Console Game ..

Leapter TV has the capability to be a two player system for games that are enabled for two players (the Leapster Arcade games). Yet another purchase you'll need to make for an extra Leapster TV controller - they are $20.