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The White Lego Mansion - YouTube

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LEGO Scooby-Doo 75904 Mystery Mansion Building Kit

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  • TAG : My moms lego mansion (over 2 years to build it) - YouTube
  • This is my moms Lego mansion she worked on past 2-3 years

    I did all editing on video with slideshow on Sony vegas, Theres around 5-10 hours in editing.

    This is my fourth Lego Mansion, but I decided to call it Lego Modern Mansion to give it it's own unique title as the house is unique from my other builds as well.

  • The brand is looking to continue development on their popular Monster Fighters Collection by adding the first official Haunted House to the roster for 2012, a set that includes over 2,000 pieces. These spooky boarded up LEGO mansion is equipped with three floors, and even comes staffed with six live in residents that include a vampire and vampire’s bride, a Zombie chef to prepare meals, a butler Frankenstein, and of course 2 glow in the dark ghosts. The LEGO house will hit the retail scene for $180 in September just in time for Halloween.

    Of the sets that are on sale right now, the most attractive Marvel set is definitely the Iron Man 3 LEGO Malibu Mansion Assault 76007 set. I liked this set when it was released because it gives us one of the very few Pepper Potts figures to ever be released by any company, as well as Tony Stark in his iconic black shirt from the movie (the same as the awesome Hot Toys Tony Stark!). At the original $40 price tag I was hesitant to make a move on this set, but for a far more appealing $28 plus no tax and free shipping, the Malibu Mansion Assault set won my heart.

     I like it 
    Tom Slicer
      January 7, 2010
    This is amazing! I'm suprised someone came out and made a Lego scale mansion. Great job.

  • And to think they all would have got away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling kids.The villains are aided in their nefarious quests by several death traps built into the dilapidated Lego mansion. If any of the Scooby gang enter the front door, there’s a swinging morningstar of death awaiting them. One of the side sections, meanwhile, hides a giant man-eating plant, which will happily gobble up any trespassers that come its way.

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