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news] LEGO Store Utah opens today

Good Quantity Colorful Lego Blocks Blanket 58" x 80" Fleece Blanket (Small)

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  • LEGO has announce the opening of LEGO stored in Utah, Texas, Missouri, and Connecticut. While a Grand Opening date, and time are not yet available, announcement, though hidden under a couple of layers of minutia reveals that the UTAH LEGO Store will be house in the fashion place mall in Murray.

    Since I first learned about ULUG, and LEGO, I’ve wanted a LEGO store in Utah, and rumors have come and gone telling of a great future where a LEGO store will come and my savings will be completed, but so far nothing. ULUG has gone so far as to ask LEGO if there are plans to bring a store to Utah, and the best answer we’ve gotten was an email about how that information is treated as very sensitive, and is not released.

  • The Jurassic World display at the LEGO Store! #lego #indominusrex #utah #saltlakecity #jurassicpark #jurassicworld #coloring #art #science #sciencefiction #dinosaur #dinosaurs #movie #film #toy #paleo #paleontology (at The Lego Store Utah)

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