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  • A Real lightsaber for sale? The possibility of a real lightsaber has captured the popular imagination since the release of the Star Wars movies in 1977 and now, apparently, that possibility has moved that little bit closer to reality.

    Also, on the subject of weapons-like “real lightsaber” a defense technology company has also produced what some claim is the closest thing yet to a real lightsaber with their . Geekdom should be aware, however, that these claims may be exaggerated and some are calling it more of a “burning pocket knife” than a real lightsaber for sale. With cost for the MVT projected at about $135 it is still a wicked cool gadget. Once you get approved for purchase, that is.

  • We specialize in one of a kind custom lightsabers made to order. Occasionally, we will have lightsabers for sale that were designed in house and up for auction on eBay or here on the site.

    Though the breakthrough with photon molecules has no doubt excited the Geek Fandom (this geek included), the reality is that a real lightsaber for sale is a long way off. You’ll be more likely to see the technology in your computer before you can swish it around dramatically in your next epic lightsaber duel.

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