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  • The twins have a new obsession — Little Einsteins. Day and night, they’d ask for it. And failure to get their daily dose of Little Einsteins often lead to crying bouts and temper tantrums.

    Climb aboard! Four adventurous kids, Leo, June, Quincy, and Annie blast off in their versatile ship, Rocket, for missions all over the world. Fueled by classical music, well-known works of art and their own creativity, the Little Einsteins travel on unforgettable journeys while learning to appreciate the power of great music.

  • Little Einsteins takes us on an adventure with four children: Leo, June, Annie and Quincy. Each of these four children have their own specialization, Leo loves to conduct, Annie loves to sing, Quincy loves to play instruments while June loves to dance. The series uses various pieces of classical music as the basic fundamentals for the series, though the series also capitalizes on the premise and episodes typically have famous artwork within them. While Little Einsteins was designed to be an entertaining series, it was created by the creators of Baby Einstein, the pre-school learning program, so this series never leaves its primary focus of helping children learn to explore and introduce new concepts into their minds, though it certainly attempts to expand the viewer's curiosity.

    Sure thing! Did you see my full post about my Little Einstein’s party?. A the bottom of that post there are several images you can use. The only problem is that pretty much all of the images come from online or from screen prints of my ipad, which means the resolution is fine for monitors, but not great for printing. I’m not sure how big you want to make your images? One option is if you find an image you like, even one of mine, you could scan it at a really high resolution, or even use a high megapixel camera to take a really good picture of it. That will give you a much higher resolution image that you can print off of.

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    On October 9, 2005, the children’s animated series Little Einsteins premiered on Disney Junior. The series, part of the Baby Einstein line of products for infants, features four kids learning about classical music and art while encouraging viewer interaction as they set out to succeed their mission for the day. The first episode segment, “Ring Around the Planet,” features the characters setting off to Saturn to return its ring, with the second episode segment, “I Love to Conduct,” has the characters retrieving their baton from a bald eagle. The series has also been shown in Japan and in England. The series was created by Eric Weiner and Olexa Hewryk, and stars Jesse Schwartz as Leo, Natalia Wojcik as Annie, Erica Huang as June, Aiden Pompey as Quincy.

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As I said, my cousin made a short and VERY SIMPLE powerpoint that explained what the mission was. We gathered everyone into the foyer and showed them the ppt During the presentation, we played the Little Einstein’s theme song to get them in the mood!