Glass Marble Jewelry - Necklace - THE LOOKING GLASS.

Diy baked marble pendant jewelry Bake marbles in oven then into ice bath to get crack effect inside

INPINK Fashion Jewelry Simplicity Stone Bar Necklace in White

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  • Established in 1983, Thomas Markle Jewelers has become North Houston’s most trusted family jeweler and one of Texas' premier jewelry stores. Houston residents and area visitors are provided with a friendly, first-name basis atmosphere and a highly experienced staff of jewelry professionals.

    Thomas Markle Jewelers has developed a loyal clientele and we take pride in offering first-class service alongside the finest jewelry and watches available at Houston jewelry stores. Our three locations offer a wide range of services from battery replacement to custom designing a one-of-a-kind piece.

  • Today we will be making cracked marble jewelry! The video will be divided up into two sections; cracking the marbles, and making the wire cages. Feel free to just crack the marbles and use them as decorations or other accent pieces.

    Materials (For Part One)
    -Oven Mitts

    Materials (For Part Two)
    -Marbles (Cracked)
    -20 Gauge Wire
    -Round Nose Pliers

    She plans to grow the amount of local, handmade arts and crafts she has in inventory, like Rick Rio’s mixed metal outdoor-theme jewelry and Lisa Harrah’s glass artwork and river glass, antique marble jewelry.

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Cracked Marble Jewelry - It All Started With Paint