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Marble Genius Marble Run Super Set - 85 Translucent Marbulous Pieces + 15 Glass Marbles

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  • Kids (and grownups) can create complex and simple mazes and runs in a variety of different marble run toys, some with and others with . Where’s the math? First off, kids are playing with their spacial abilities, noticing where the marble goes when the track positions are changed. Then there’s the experience of trial and error — which goes hand in hand with math. (4 years and up)

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  • Marble Run Toys represent building with a purpose - to make marbles go up, down, all around, and fast! Create crazy courses, dangerous designs, and treacherous trails for the daring marble with the best Marble Run Toys. Designs can range from the simple and small to the complex and twisty-turny, and kids will love seeing where their marbles will fly next! Construction with Marble Run Toys will lead to amazing creations, as well as fast and frantic fun!

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  • There is something about marble runs that are irresistibly fun. We all love building and watching the marble zip through our creations. There is one marble run that sits far above others though- Cuboro. This solid wood marble run toy is really different from most marble runs because it is challenging! Sure you can build simple marble runs but you can also build elaborate marble runs where the ball can disappear into the marble run in tunnels you create and come back out in surprising places. Cuboro is the type of marble run that kids and parents can play with together and never get bored because each can work at their own level.

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Cuboro block-and-marble run sets consist of impeccably crafted solid wood square blocks made from (sustainable) European beechwood and glass marbles perfectly sized and weighted to roll. Some blocks remain solid wood while others have one or more pathway bored through them and/or on the surface of the block. Cuboro award-winning block-and-marble run toy from Switzerland has many sets that offer new blocks that provide even more marble run options.