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We like the Disney Princess and Me Mereida Doll!

Dollie & Me Little Girls' Knit Top with Jewel Neck and Sequin Skirt, Berry, 5

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  • So getting a Baby Alive Care For Me Doll isn’t exactly the same thing as having a baby, but it comes pretty close. The doll is so life-like, not to mention adorable, as it simulates the actions, needs, and demands of a human baby. Aside from being able to teach your kid some sort of moral, it’s also a fun doll in general, unlike other dolls that are just for dressing up or for performing makeovers.

    Got a little girl who’s literally being a pain? Most kids nowadays don’t really get how difficult it is to have kids or raise them. It’s a lot of responsibility and a whole lot of work. I know, because I’ve seen my sister with her three babies and it definitely wasn’t easy. So give your child a small taste of parenthood with one of these Baby Alive Care For Me Dolls.

  • Believe it or not, magic can come in different lights and shades… With so many forms of this craft, they yield different results; just like each of us. The latest film from RITES OF SPRING director Padraig Reynolds addresses the power of dark magic, the demons inside and the love of a family. Co-written by Danny Kolker as well as co-written and starring Christopher Wiehl, THE DEVIL’S DOLLS (formerly WORRY DOLLS) tells the macabre story of a broken family, duty, the hunt for a serial killer and a set of evil dolls. Cultivated before the gothic horror backdrop of Mississippi, the film is garnering praise and connecting to viewers in the most unsettling of ways.

    Hello, Dear Ones! Well, Mr. Precious and I are still out traveling and we're heading back to New York. Hope you've been following along with me on Facebook. I've been trying to post a couple of times a day showing where we are on our journey. I wanted to share a little post with you about some dollhouse furniture I found at the Dollar Tree. Each piece was only one dollar! Woo hoo for me!The above snap is not mine but from the Dollar Tree website. I got all of these pieces except the little chair. There was only one little chair and it was broken. Now these aren't perfect and probably need a little sanding in places but hey, for $1 it's all good!

    You & Me You and Me 16` Snuggle Time Baby Doll

  • You & Me You and Me 16` Snuggle Time Baby Doll


    You and Me Rocking Cradle With Mobile

    This leads to some people, seeking more diverse dolls, to make . Some purchase dolls and dress them as moderns or purchase moderns and them to diversify their collections.

I’d probably choose the Disney Princess & Me Cinderella Doll

Beautiful and determined Rapunzel loves reading, painting and exploring the world beyond the tower walls. But most of all, she loves having a best friend like you! Whether you’re stargazing, playing with your favorite pet or going on fun adventures, Rapunzel is always ready to come along for some fun. Because that’s what best friends do! Disney Princess & Me dolls let you live a royal lifestyle with your favorite princess!