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Moralité: gras sur gras et le candy melt survivra


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  • The village of , on the lower portion of the Niagara River, celebrates an annual two-day smelt festival the first weekend in May. During the festival, approximately 350 pounds of smelt are battered and fried at the Lewiston Waterfront. The smelt samples are free during the festival and donations are welcome, as they help support programs supported by the Niagara River Anglers. The festival has a motto, which is a play on words: "Lewiston never smelt so good."

    MELT apparently found the missing link to pain-free living: a balanced nervous system and healthy connective tissues. Because of the daily physical, emotional, mental, and environmental stressors, tension gets literally stuck in the body’s connective tissue surrounding every joint, nerve, muscle, bone, and organ. When left unattended, the trapped stress will result to connective tissue dehydration and cellular damage, thus leading to several issues beginning with aches and stiffness to neck pain, back pain, headache, insomnia, indigestion, and injury.

  • Understanding this link between the nervous system and connective tissue, MELT revitalizes tissue hydration and relieves daily tension that are trapped in the body by directly treating the connective tissue. Employing simple and specialized equipment such as soft body rollers and small balls, the program rehydrates the connective tissue, decreases accumulated stress in the nervous system, and improves overall health. For only a few minutes a day, you can start getting lasting results. You will notice changes in posture, flexibility, mood, energy, and performance in just a few sessions.

    In 1956, the Chamber of Commerce in , declared Kelso, located on the , as the "Smelt Capital of the World". They erected billboards proclaiming this, and held festivals for the annual smelt runs, until the runs dried up.

    Safe Ice Melter - Environmentally Friendly "Green" deicers.

    We sell earth friendly ice melting products, in liquid or solid granular form, that are safe for the environment, plants and vegetation, and safe on your pets paws.

    Available in small consumer quantities, or large commercial quantities for a discount.

  • MELT improves flexibility and mobility, posture, range of motion, sleep and digestion, results of exercise, and total well-being. It reduces aches and pains, tension, risk of injury, and aging effects such as wrinkles and cellulites.

Earth friendly safe ice melting products. Eco-friendly deicer

Please Help! I have a piece of melted crayon art that was a gift. The crayon is lifting off the canvass. I am hesitant to just take a heat gun to it but I don't know what else to do. Do you have any ideas at all?