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TNT Pinata
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Pixel Party TNT Custom Pinata

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  • Who else has kids that are totally into Minecraft? A year ago, I had no idea what that even was, but now it seems like a normal part of daily conversation to bring up Creepers or Endermen! Now you can join in the fun and Make Your Own Minecraft Creeper Pinata!

    I have made lots and lots of pinatas before so when my boys wanted me to make a Minecraft pinata for their birthday party I agreed. Of course, I wasn’t thinking about the fact that everything on Minecraft is square. I have always made my pinatas out of balloons, so I had to get a little creative when thinking about how to make a “square” pinata. I decided to use brown paper grocery sacks.

  • Thank you for sharing the template and making it so easy to get. I have been stressin about not getting a special minecraft pinata ordered in time, tank you for your tips.

    Hi! My 7 year son loves his Minecraft pinata. It is really well made and beautifully decorated. The only problem is the ribbon attached to hang it from a tree, broomstick, etc, is only curling ribbon used to wrap gifts. There is no way this will stand up to a bat. It would be much better with a plastic loop and let the parent hang it with a regular rope.

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Beautiful Minecraft pinata personalized with your child's name

I purchased the Minecraft pinata for my son's 9th birthday. I received it much faster than expected. It was much nicer than I had expected - vibrant colors, big, and good quality. My son and his friends loved it. I searched and searched the internet and this was the only place I found to sell Minecraft pinatas.