These mini rc cars are very very very funny and beautiful!

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Mini Coke Can Speed RC Radio Remote Controlled Micro Racing Car Toys Kids Game

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  • I thought up the idea that it would be really cool to control a remote control car controlled by the parallel port. I did some research and did just that and to top it off it's controllable over the internet (atleast it used to be). For Christmas I requested one of those Mini RC cars and off I went.

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    Buy a two pack of mini rc cars and we'll send you two different styles and frequencies so they can race together! These little remote control cars are roughly 3 inches long, about the size of a AA battery. Each car comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and remote control. Our cars all have 2.6 Motors, faster than most brands.

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    However, a lot of years ago in my city when there was a feast, some people sent these shen qi wei mini rc cars and a lot of people bought some of these rc cars. I remember that I bought 3 or 4 because these mini rc cars there were cheap and funny!

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    Mini Cooper revealed today a new RC car, which is going to be used during this year's London Olympics. The main purpose of this new radio controlled electric car is to fetch javelins, discuses, hammers and shots thrown by the competitors. The Mini Cooper RC car is going to be operated by Games Makers, who have been especially trained for this task. The RC car is about 25% the size of a normal Mini Cooper and it can carry various objects with the help of an opening on the roof. The RC vehicle features the same livery as the official Mini Coopers of the Olympics. Mini built three of these "toys" and each one will cover 6 km per day during four-hour shifts. They will also be used during the Paralympic games.

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To charge the mini rc car, clip the car onto the Rapid Charging Station. The mini rc car will be fully recharged in 45 seconds for up to 10+ minutes for high-speed racing fun.