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Mustela 2-in-1 Hair and Body Wash, 6.76 Ounce

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  • When my now three and a half year old son was born I was a clueless mess. How do I feed him? How do I bathe him? What’s safe to put on his skin? Almost every pediatrician and nurse in the maternity ward at the hospital told me the same thing: pick up some Mustela and you’ll be all set. They were right, and it’s always been in the back of my head that I’d return to the tried and true fave for this next infant along the way, but I was totally surprised (happily) to find out they have a line of products for expecting moms to warm up to as well.

    Thanks to its unique expertise in babies' skin, Mustela’s products are safe, effective and increasingly natural, protecting your baby's skin and helping it develop everyday.

  • To help preserve the beauty of your skin and enable you to fully enjoy your pregnancy, Mustela 9 months features the first complete range of products specially designed for the skin of new and expectant mothers.

    In order to preserve the wealth of cells in your baby's skin, Mustela Bébé reinvented its products with new, increasingly natural formula, all enriched with Avocado perseose®.

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    Scientific classification
    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Chordata
    Class: Mammalia
    Order: Carnivora
    Family: Mustelidae
    Subfamily: Mustelinae
    Genus: Neovison
    Species: N. vison
    Binomial name
    Neovison vison[2]
    (Schreber, 1777)

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    • N. aestuarina
    • N. aniakensis
    • N. energumenos
    • N. evagor
    • N. evergladensis
    • N. ingens
    • N. lacustris
    • N. letifera
    • N. lowii
    • N. lutensis
    • N. melampeplus
    • N. mink
    • N. nesolestes
    • N. vulgivaga
    American mink range in North America

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    Developed alongside paediatricians and dermatologists, Mustela’s Demo-pediatric products have been specially designed to meet the needs of problem skin in babies and children.

love mustela!! paraben free is the way to go!

Mustela has provided expert skin care for newborns and expectant mothers for over 60 years. Specially formulated to be both gentle and effective for babies' skin, it features effective and botanically based cleansers, shampoos and moisturizers. Its best-selling Bebe range incorporates the revolutionary protective ingredient, Avocado Perseose that nourishes, hydrates and conditions delicate skin.