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My Pony Girls' My Pony Pink Dress, Light Pink/Hot Pink, 2T

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  • I think you could get a lot of traffic with adult sized my little pony outfits, lol. (jk, you’re right!) these mlp posts are getting me excited for girl toys!

    A My Little Pony inspired outfit set. Comes with everything to make each of the main ponies from the series.

    The skirt/dresses/tops match the coat and mane of each pony, along with their cutie mark, horse tails and a matching jewel on the back.

    The set also includes recolours of hairs to more accurately match the ponies (Fluttershy's pale pink, Rainbow Dash's rainbow hair, Rarity's shining purple, and Twilight's striped pink and purple).

    To go with the dresses is also two accessories, horses ears, and horses ears with a unicorn horn.

    *Note the cuffs on Rainbow Dash pictured are from my Superhero's set.

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