Anggik asks that you pick up some nail clippers and stop the madness

(1) Start by stashing your nail clipper. The problem with nail clippers is

Tweezerman Deluxe Nail Clipper Set

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  • If you could reinvent an often used product to make it better, which product would it be? Are fingernail clippers at the top of your list? They were for the folks that are offering the new Ultimate Nail Clippers. They have taken the nail cutting device that we’ve all used for years and brought them into the 21st century. The question is though, did the lowly nail clipper need to be reinvented in the first place? Let’s see…

    Klhip nail clippers are made in the USA from surgical stainless steel and have a natural satin finish. At first glance you might not even recognize them for their intended purpose. That’s mainly due to the fact that like traditional nail clippers, Klhip clippers have to be oriented or opened before you can use them.

  • So, for around $140, I have a great and innovative pair of nail clippers with enough room in the leather case for some most innovative tweezers- a tiny bundle sure to be lost the next time I relocate.

    Hi. I use your nailclipper. It is ok for me. But as a Paraplegic without sense I always had to be cautious to cut my flesh. I modified the tip and now it is quite safe. Are you interested to know what I have done? Mohee

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    These souped-up nail clippers finish first in terms of originality in an everyday item. This clever keychain car pops its top and becomes a convenient nail clipper. For only a few bucks more than the average clippers, the Car Nail Clipper features a fun design that might actually be enough to remind you to clean the motor oil out from under their fingernails once in a while.

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Klhip's technology produces a more effective, more ergonomic and much, much better-looking clipper. They have it right: "Conventional nail clippers are backwards; they're controlled from the wrong end." That leads to less than ideal control and cutting power...GQ