Custom painted Nerf Demolisher.

Custom painted Nerf Demolisher.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Demolisher 2-in-1 Blaster

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  • The Nerf Demolisher is also compatible with many accessories made for other Nerf Blaster models. Buyers can get items like extended barrels or customized stocks, along with sights and scopes for shooting accuracy. With this mix-and-match kind of playability, longtime fans can add the new gun to their arsenal without buying a range of new accessories.

    The new missile system adds considerably to the size of the gun. The Nerf Demolisher is probably Hasbro’s answer to requests for a Nerf Blaster utilizing a grenade or missile launching system. The battery-powered flywheel system also adds to the weight. This Nerf Demolisher model is not as easy for a younger player to start off with, but more impressive to someone who’s already fired other models in the Nerf Blaster line, and is ready for something bigger and high-performance.

  • For firing the normal sized darts used in older versions of , the Nerf Demolisher also includes a banana clip, the first of its kind, to hold 10 individual darts. The rate of fire is satisfactory, and the ability to hold more ammunition is another perk of this model. However, with the missile system already making it oversized, the banana clip also takes up a lot of space near the shoulder.

    Another selling point for the is the extended firing range. Field tests have shown that darts fired by the Nerf Demolisher can travel up to 25 meters, where earlier designs have a maximum range of around 15 meters. However, range is different according to various factors, such as trajectory and wind conditions. Hasbro has put a clarification on the box saying 25 meters is the maximum possible range, but not every shot will attain this kind of distance. Weather conditions aside, like other types of Nerf guns, this model is not immune to jamming.

  • The Nerf Demolisher ships with 10 regular darts and 2 missile darts. Batteries for the toy are not included. This model provides a more diverse type of play. It promises to be a favourite in local shopping centres as mums and dads look for what to get their young target hunters this season.

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The Nerf Elite Demolisher 2-in-1 blaster from Nerf fires both Elite darts and Nerf missiles to demolish the competition with two kinds of firepower. Get in the game and plan your battle strategy to optimise your attack and fortify your defence. Blast the 2 big Nerf missiles for maximum impact with pump-fire action. Unleash a powerful barrage of 10 Elite darts with motorized dart blasting. Or fire the missiles and the darts at the same time to sweep the field!