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Nerf Gatling Gun – The ultimate foam dart launching weapon, let the Nerf wars begin

Prime Time Toys Dart Zone Scorpion Motorized Automatic Gatling Blaster

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  • The Gatling Gun potentially possesses one of the highest rates of fire in the Gun Bros.' armory, if not Nerf history. The Nerf Gatling Gun was first introduced in the GunVsGun video "Nerf Gatling Gun Mod - Target Practice". " It was then fired by in the episode, "Nerf War: GATLING GUN!" where Tommy starts shooting up the house with multiple types of Nerf guns, until Danny gets home.

    Blasters are the core of the modern Nerf business, and Nerf is crucial to Hasbro. (Nerf brought in $410 million in revenue for Hasbro in 2011; only two other brands, Beyblade and Transformers, made more than $400 million last year.) Solid foam has proven to be the perfect material for projectiles launched by air pressure or other clever mechanisms. Nerf has given every 12-year-old kid who yearns to play with guns not just the ultimate toy weapon but an entire neon arsenal. You can now buy a Nerf blaster with fully automatic firing (the Stampede ECS), a blaster with a Tommy gun-style circular ammo drum that holds 35 darts (the Raider CS-35), or even a Nerf Gatling gun with an electric belt feed that sprays three darts per second (the Vulcan EBF-25). Last year Nerf introduced a new line of Vortex blasters, which fire foam discs instead of darts. Unlike the darts, the discs can ricochet around corners and even curve, depending on how you hold the blaster.

  • There was a silver lining though. Nothing is quite as fulfilling as playing the avuncular arms dealer of flying foam death on Christmas Day. Nothing except that sweet Nerf gatling gun I helped myself to when I was buying their presents. After all, I had a 10 year absence from the toy aisle to make up for.

    Then let the Zano eerily hover in place, filming your foil in high definition as you ready the perfect angle for your Nerf Gatling gun and sock grenade attack.

    Nerf Gatling Gun
    Introduced & Produced: "Nerf Gatling Gun Mod - Target Practice", 2012
    Manufacturer: Gun Bros.
    Ammunition Type: Unknown; presumably illegally modified Nerf darts
    Feed System: Rotating Cylinder
    Type: Electrically Driven Rotary Breech
    Secondary Fire: none
    Accessories: none
    Appearances: GunVsGun

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