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The Fall 2015 NERF DOOMLANDS 2169 line includes:

The Nerf N Strike Elite XD Rapidstrike CS-18: The most Elite of all the Elite blasters.

Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

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  • Nerfs were a of , animals raised for their , meat, and hide. They could be found on a variety of across , from to . Despite their usefulness, nerfs were often regarded as disgusting because of their strong body odor.

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  • Nerfs were quadrupedal creatures with curving horns and coarse, curly that covered their bodies. They were noted for their strong body odor, which regarded as disgusting, and their bleats somewhat resembled used by the people. Their contained blunt and a long pink . They were , feeding on growing grass and herbage. of the produced .

    When getting frightened, nerfs tended to shed and expel filthy mucus through the nose and mouth. Juvenile nerfs were known to crave .

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    Nerf meat could be used in various dishes, including , , and . Their milk also had nutritional benefits. Additionally, nerf hides could be utilized to create goods. Individuals who herded nerfs for a living were referred to as .

The first fully automatic NERF RIVAL blaster with 40 round capacity!

The Vulcan is easy to modify. Once modified it will provide greater range as well as firepower. The nice thing about this gun is that it does not make too much noise when shooting and it is probably the quietest Nerf gun.