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New Super Luigi U

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  • Look at the facts. The game begins in the exact same manner as New Super Mario Bros. U: Bowser, aka the King Koopa, storms Princess Peach's castle with his koopalings in tow, imprisons the princess, and tosses everyone else to the edge of the Mushroom Kingdom. The only difference between the two games' intro sequences is Mario's absence from the dinner table in New Super Luigi U. Only his hat remains, which is a reminder of the sublime plumber's legendary exploits. At no point does he appear in the game, "Bros." is no longer in the title, and once you've defeated Bowser, Luigi can take on Mario's movement characteristics via an in-game item. To put it another way: Luigi allows himself to become possessed by Mario's spirit. Yeesh.

    At first glance, New Super Luigi U looks like any other New Super Mario Bros. game, except that you now control Mario's skinnier, floatier brother, Luigi. Oh, if only it were that simple. There's much more to New Super Luigi U than just a new set of overalls and rearranged assets, including an increased difficulty curve, but it's Luigi's physics and the brevity of each level that set New Super Luigi U apart from its older brother--in a good way, too. The most intriguing part is that it may take place in an alternate dimension where Mario is dead.

  • Each level kicks off with the series' iconic 100-second warning, your first clue to the new time limit. Your first instinct might be to rush ahead, but do so, and you quickly learn that Luigi exhibits very different physics than old Mario. For example, when Luigi tries to reverse his direction during a sprint, his increased momentum keeps him moving in his original direction for a second longer than usual. Luigi also jumps noticeably higher and can float in midair if you continue to hold the jump button at the top of his arc. In essence, he's very much like he was in Super Mario Bros. 2 on the NES. Though it may take you a moment to adjust to his footwork, he still exhibits the responsive controls the series is known for. Luigi's tendency to float and slide, along with the new time limit, gives New Super Luigi U a feel all its own.

    In addition to March’s excellent Luigi’s Mansion 2 for 3DS, this year also sees the release of New Super Luigi U and Mario and Luigi: Dream Team. The spinach-coloured sibling (yes) will also be appearing in Mario Golf: World Tour and the as-of-yet unannounced Mario Kart U (working title). For all your Luigi needs, keep it 3DS Daily!

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    In New Super Luigi U, you get to take control of Luigi™ in his first starring role in a platform adventure. Get ready to run, because your time limit is just 100 seconds for each course!

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Other than that, you'll find Luigi U to be largely the same. New Super Luigi U follows the exact same story as Mario U, with the exact same bosses, exact same worlds, graphics, and music, and the exact same number of levels. The differences lie with who you play as, the much shorter levels, the addition of the invulnerable Nabbit (who helps you along should you die too often), and some throwback power-ups from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.