hi what is the price of new xbox 360 .have it come in markets?

New Xbox 360 Video Game Releases - Metacritic

The new Xbox 360 is now available to buy for $299, the same price as the previous model.

Xbox 360 4GB System Console with Peggle 2 Bundle

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  • Still, despite a smaller (120GB) hard drive, the same-price Sony's PlayStation 3 remains our Editors' Choice console, thanks to a deep library of compelling exclusive titles and a top-notch built-in Blu-ray player (which is region free if you're into playing import games). Now that new Xbox 360 has integrated fast Wi-Fi, increased Web-entertainment features, and the overheating issues have been (hopefully) remedied, it rides a close second. If Kinect proves to be a better motion-control experience than the PlayStation Move, it may be the muscle Microsoft needs to push the Xbox 360 to the top of the heap.

    Which Console to Choose?
    Microsoft has made many fine improvements to the new Xbox 360 to make it a worthy purchase—for new users. The slick, compact design, internal Wi-Fi, and increased storage are attractive touches, but if you already own an Xbox 360, it's just not enough to justify dropping $300 and ditching your current console. Also, transferring your data could be a potential hassle; you'll need to purchase a $19.99 transfer cable (or use a USB stick) as your old hard drive can't be clipped onto the new machine.

  • With a design that borrows from the Xbox One’s elements, the new Xbox 360 has received a facelift – it’s smaller, sleeker, and quieter – and that’s about it.

    Microsoft has continued to roll out its new Xbox 360 emulation layer for the Xbox One, with support for another 16 games dropping today as an early Christmas present. The new titles contains some significant hits and a few duds, but it’s a solid expansion of the existing library. We’ve added average Metacritic scores for each title. The list is as follows:

  • The sleek Xbox 360 incorporates a variety of high-tech features that gamers will love. From the powerful console itself to the vast library of games to explore, there's no shortage of entertainment from this spectacular system. Get comfortable in front of the and experience exciting adventures with a new Xbox 360 from Sears.

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Apparently, Microsoft stored prototypes of the Xbox One in a less secure part of its shipping facility to throw off its own employees. That’s how Li ended up with a prototype because his laptop was supposed to be shipped from the same facility. I wish mistakes like that would happen to me. When Li opened the package he found the console, some papers, and international plugs but the box did not contain any controllers or Kinect cameras. When he plugged it in and switched it on, the boot-up screen read “Kryptos,” which was one of the code names for the console. Li got in touch with Microsoft who quickly dispatched a representative to pick up the prototype from his home. As compensation, Microsoft gave him a new Xbox 360 and Kinect for free aside from the laptop he ordered. Weird.