Comments about Jumbo Deluxe Nok Hockey®:

Comments about Jumbo Deluxe Nok Hockey®:

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Nok Hockey Pucks 6 Pieces
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OMG I used to love playing Nok Hockey, and forgot all about it! I so want this!

Carrom 2.01 Champion Nok-Hockey Game, Standard

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  • Carrom 02 Nok Hockey
    The Carrom NOK-HOCKEY hockey game features a thick pine frame and a thick hardboard playing surface for durability and long-lasting use. The playing surface has 2-color graphics and the game comes with 2 hardwood pucks and 2 plastic hockey sticks for fast, fun play. A classic made for over 50 years.

    If you don’t wish to make your own game out of our plans, then you may purchase similar games from the left side panel including a variety of wooden games and the original nok hockey game by Carrom.

  • My brother and myself playing the Nok Hockey Championship of 265 S. Ridge St., Crown Point, Indiana USA in September of 2010. We would play this as young lads whenever we went to "Recreation" at Sandburg elementary.

    Nok Hockey is a two player action board game. It is played in a "rink", constructed by enclosing a 2'x3' section of smooth hardboard wall panel (playing surface) within a perimeter of 1"x2"x"L" wooden siderails (the walls).

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  • Nok Hockey Boards (the rink) with wood sticks and pucks were 1st manufactured by the Carrom Company (Carrom Industries) as early as 1942.

Nok Hockey Miniature Pool and Hockey Game : Target

Nok Hockey spread beyond our room, as blockmates and neighbors wanted to know what all that noise was (someone thought we were “shooting small animals”). The constant clatter of plastic sticks on wood and our own cursing often carries on into the wee hours of the morning. I even brought Nok Hockey to the Crimson one night.