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Flexible Flyer "Triple Fun" Swing Set

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  • TAG : Well, the outdoor swing set area is completely done
  • But before we get too far into picking our next outdoor furniture swing, let first make sure we find the right size. This isn't one of those one size fits all purchases. Our garden swings are offered in over 6 length options. From our smallest 2 foot swing chairs to our large 7 foot porch swings we have a swing for everyone. Our most popular two sizes are 4 foot and 5 foot swings. The rule of thumb is a 4 feet swing will accommodate 2 adults and a 5 feet swing will accommodate 3 adults. The easiest way to tell what size you need is to simply measure the space available and that should guide your shopping.

    To spark your child's imagination, this outdoor swing set comes with a swiveling telescope, steering wheel, sandbox and a tic-tac-toe board. For a sense of adventure, children can climb the rock wall and rope ladder. To finish off the experience, children can feel the breeze flowing through their hair as they play on the 9 ft. wave slide. Children can spend their entire summer playing outdoors. Their abundance of energy and creative imagination seems to last forever. However, the truth is that kids sometimes need a moment to catch their breath and seek protection from the sun. When that time comes, the spacious play deck underneath the wood roof will be the perfect resting area during an action-packed day. Children will also use the wood roof as a fort during imaginary play with their friends. If you’re looking for outdoor swing sets that are safe, affordable, durable and fun, the Circus Deluxe will be the perfect fit for your family and backyard landscape.

  • Well, the outdoor swing set area is completely done. Hip, hip, HOORAY. The kids have had an absolute blast playing out there for hours on end since we got it done.

    Step2 kids swing sets are the perfect outdoor play toy for active fun in the yard. Our durable plastic swing set won't splinter or warp and kids will love swinging, climbing, sliding and playing make believe. Toddlers and preschoolers will develop their balance and coordination as they use their legs to swing on the swings and climb into the attached clubhouses. We have a variety of outdoor swing sets and play sets to choose from in stylish colors that will compliment any backyard.

  • It's all starts with style...because everyone has a different setting they intend to hang their new patio swing. So let's touch on a few of them. The Adirondack themed outdoor swing is truly a crossover merging the backrest styling of a traditional Adirondack chair with the elegance of a hanging swing. The higher backrest provides upper and lower back support alike. Maybe you are looking for the ultimate in comfort, then look no further than our best selling rollback swings. The rollback design features a rolled seat and backrest to ensure the pressure points of your body are taken care of while you swing for hours. And then there are traditional swings - the classic mission style for those that want to take that picture from the postcard and put it on your front porch. A newer style to the garden swing category are our rustic swings that bring log construction to a porch furniture classic.

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Outdoor swing sets over time can become dirty from natural sources. The backyard set does make a wonderful bird perch. Outdoor structures that are cleaned periodically also can deter insects such as paper and Southern mud dauber wasps from making nests in them during the summer months. The cleaning activities also can incorporate the children, especially as the method includes a garden hose and it can be accomplished on a single, warm summer afternoon.