Pampers Easy Ups (left) Huggies Pull-Ups (right)

Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants – $8.99– Pay: $6.99– Final Price: $3.99

Pampers Boys Easy Ups Training Underwear, 2T-3T (Size 4), 80 Count

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  • TAG : I would choose the 2T – 3T size of Pampers Easy Ups!
  • The Macaroni Kid "Pampers Easy Ups Underwear Training Party" is scheduled for Friday, September 16 from 10:00 am until 12:00 pm at Beginnings, Inc. located at 111 Market Street in Johnstown. Space is limited to 10 families, so sign up is necessary. *Children will be fully dressed during the event.

    You see, potty training can be so easy when you make it fun. By using a small positive reinforcement treat like a jelly bean, singing your child’s praises and using Pampers Easy Ups you too will have a Potty Crusader soon!

  • The biggest change I noticed with new Pampers Easy Ups is the 360° stretchy waistband. This provides an underwear-like fit that’s easy for your toddler to pull up and down. Easy Ups are also super soft, like cotton underwear, to keep your toddler comfortable. And don’t worry! Easy Ups still tear easily at the sides just in case it’s needed.

    Amazon has a nice deal on Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants right now! If you’re an Amazon Family member, you can get them for $.18 each.

  • Because Pampers Easy Ups are special, they shouldn’t be treated like diapers. Your child should look at them more like underwear. Consider placing them in your child’s underwear drawer so they realize that they shouldn’t go to the bathroom in them. Connecting underwear with Easy Ups will be that much easier if your child sees them together at all times.

Pampers Easy Ups Training Underwear for Boys

Each of our Pampers Potty Crusaders guests got to leave with a very special gift thanks to Pampers! Each guest received a pack of Pampers Easy Ups and a copy of “It’s You and Me Against the Pee”!