Overall winner: Peppa Pig phone

The Peppa Pig Phone cost £1.99 – and came with a magazine, stickers and a flute.

Inspiration Works Peppa Little Phone (Pink)

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  • We got our hands on one and you can read our in-depth review , but in this review I look at how it stacks up against the current most popular model in our household – at least with my 2-year-old daughter Alice – the Peppa Pig phone.

    The Peppa Pig phone is made of two pieces of cheap-as-you-like plastic that are probably non-toxic – but it's been dropped down the stairs, onto concrete, into a paddling pool and three different sandboxes, and still works just as well as it did when we bought it. It even made it round a 60-degree wash and came out fine.

  • The Peppa Pig phone has a magic technology that means it only makes calls and sends/receives messages when Alice is using it. Neither me nor my girlfriend can make it do anything.

    The Peppa Pig phone can be used to make calls anywhere at anytime – even in the bath. It can't access the web, but you can use it to phone up Nanny and ask her to tell you or buy you what you wanted.

  • We've never charged the Peppa Pig phone and it's yet to run out of power. Which is good as the manufacturers didn't supply a charger, and there appears to be no way to charge it either. Unless it's using wireless charging, which again puts it ahead of the iPhone 5s.

Peppa Pig Phone Peppa Pig - Series 3 - Whistling on Vimeo

Children will have fun as they learn with the interactive Peppa Pig toy phone. Flip open the baby pink phone-lid and press the call-key to hear Peppa Pig talk. End the pretend conversation with the hang-up key or press any of the 26 light-up numbered keys to hear the tones. There are 8 fun activities to choose from and the ring tone can be changed by pressing the hash/star key and if the picture key is pressed Peppa will appear on the phone's screen.