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Princess Paradise Squiggly Piggy Costume, X-Small/4, Pink

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  • Miss Piggy costume can be changed depending on what glamorous gown you choose. This miss piggy comes with pink, gloves, bracelet, boa and miss piggy mask. She would be great for a muppets or tv/movie/hollywood themed party.

    There is a lot to be said about the popularity of Jim Henson's The Muppets Show, and its characters are as timeless as the show itself, especially Ms. Piggy! She's an absolute diva, but that doesn't mean she won't break out the good old Karate chop with an enthusiastic hi-yah when the moment comes!With the Miss Piggy Women Costume Deluxe, you can be everyone's favorite capricious diva too!

  • This all-pink Miss Piggy Costume is fun yet flirty. The ensemble includes a pink satin-look, diagonal hem-line dress and a feathery pink boa. Also included is a pink elbow length gloves, a blonde wig with pig ears and a cute pig nose.

    Pin to the back of the piggy costume and have the child try it on. Adjust the placement if necessary. Then, un-pick the seam along the center back of the costume, right where you want to attach the tail. Insert the tail, sew it in place, and then re-sew the seam of the costume closed.

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  • A couple months ago, she found out that all the 1st graders would be participating in a musical, about the 3 Little Pigs. She was so excited. Because, yes, this sort of thing is right up her alley. She came home one day and told me all about the musical and explained that anyone who wanted to, could wear a piggy costume to the performance. She asked if that’s something that I could make her and ummmmm, well, hmmmm……...OKAY!!! (Don’t have to ask me twice, kid!) As the time grew closer to the actual performance (and I still hadn’t made her costume…typical, ha!) I asked her what she thought most of the other kids were wearing. She said the music teacher said they could wear a dress, overalls, or just jeans and a plain Tshirt……and she said most kids would be wearing just that. Before cutting up pieces of candy pink fleece fabric, I asked her if she was SURE she wanted to have a costume, even if possibly no one else had one. She insisted, YES! Okay…….done.

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If you're looking for a cute and colourful outfit to recreate one of three little pigs than what better way than with our adorable Toddler Pink Piggy Costume.