Pink Power Impact Drill with Zippered Soft Case

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Pink Power PP182 18V Cordless Drill Kit for Women with 2 Batteries, Case, Charger & Bit Set

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  • So, you get a high quality (a “guy quality” if you need to think of it that way) pink power drill to use for all your drilling needs, and a charity receives more money for its very worthy cause. I’ve kept my drill pretty busy since moving into my new house. I used it to put my bed together, to hang some wall shelves, to hand curtain rods and make a few repairs to my porch.

    Powerful Pink Power Drill – are you ready Are you looking for a power drill that allows you to express your identity? There are many currently available that come in a variety of colors. These drills are not only powerful, but they are also lightweight, making them a perfect choice for women. The key-less chuck […]

  • Pink, as in pink ribbons, has come to be associated with the for a Cure charity seeking a cure for breast cancer – a disease that primarily affects women. So when you see a pink power drill or other pink power tools, remember, it’s not as girlie as you would think … except in a good way, because a portion of the cost of these pink tools is being donated to the .

    My family isn’t anything if not opinionated. But I am also opinionated, and I felt I had excellent reasons for opting for a pink power drill … Humanitarian reasons, in fact. I wonder how many out there who are gnashing their teeth over the idea of pink power drills even realize there is a deliberate strategy behind the idea.

    Years ago, it would have been unheard of for anyone to design a pink drill. Who would buy it? Fortunately, times have changed. Today, it’s just as normal to see a woman spending Sunday afternoons assembling furniture as it is too see a man in charge of the housework.

    The kit includes a bubble-gum pink protective hard carrying case, a very fashionable black and pink power drill, transparent protective goggles with pink trim, a battery charger, and 11 assorted drill bits. No wall can resist this kit!

    A very original gift for women who like doing DIY, and also for women who live alone and have no choice but to learn to use a drill if they want to furnish their home.

    Give it to your wife as a hint that she should hang those pictures in the living room herself… while you get dinner ready.

    Wireless 12v pink power drill
    Type of plug: British (requires an inexpensive adaptor for Spain and Europe)
    Input: 230V ~ 50Hz (compatible in Spain and Europe, please check the chart ) for other countries
    Rechargeable 1200 mAh Ni-Cad battery
    It includes battery charger
    Comes with protective goggles
    11 assorted drill bits
    Hard pink protective case, for carrying all these tools
    Product Weight: 3 kg / 6.61 pounds
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    Doing Your Part For A Cure Buy A Pink Power Drill I recently bought my place. It has a lot of potential, but it is a fixer-upper, by design. I’m pretty handy with tools. My dad made sure of that. I have worked with him for as long as I can remember, and I know […]

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This Pink Power Drill for Women makes a wonderful gift for wedding or bridal showers, for birthdays and new mothers. The woman you give this to will think well of you every time she uses it, for years to come.