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Little Tikes Pirate Ship Toddler Bed

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  • To make your child’s bedroom very interesting, you should put in some furniture elements that will give it a sense of adventure and fun. In you child’s growing years, that is the stage where he develops his imagination and it is but ideal to provide for him an environment which will encourage him to explore and widen his imagination and a place where he can simply enjoy. Pirate stories are interesting among children. Perhaps, they find pirate adventures as very interesting characters because they man a ship and they get to fight enemies. Plus, they also explore the sea for treasures. A pirate ship bed is a great addition to your child’s bedroom and will surely be something that he will love. Check out these Pirate Ship Beds in 12 Realistic Designs.

    This Pirate ship bed design from Interior Decodir has anchors and a steering wheel and even has a map which makes this bed very realistic and exciting.

  • This bedroom design looks cool and very consistent with the pirate theme. The bed has a very detailed design and includes a telescope that your child can play with. As you can see, there are also canons on the sides. It is an intricately made pirate ship bed from Turbo beds!

    This contrasting pirate ship bed from Turbo beds is unique color and not one that we usually see. Although it looks less realistic, it still spells adventure and fun for your child.

    Just as fairy tales are timeless, so too are the quality designs of every Dream Rooms For Kids! designs and their Collections of unique princess castle beds and pirate ship beds.

  • Ahoy thar mates and pirates of the Caribbean!
    It'd be My Captain's Pirate Ship Collection we'd be tell'n ya 'bout ta' day!   We’ve sailed vast oceans‘n crossed stormy seas to find a pirate boat bed suitable for not just any pirate capt’n.

    Feast ye eyes on the deck, I tell ya.  From bow ta stern ye’ll be hoisting sails for battle and com’n about with a ship’s wheel that spins to and fro.  Below the decks of this pirate ship bed, ye got cannons in the drawers to fire broadside that’ll open up fer ye mother’s loot or ye own hideaway through concealed doors.  And when ye go aft, ye can see the lights of the windows where ye can plot the greatest stories ever told or feast yer eyes on a map of hidden gold.  And high atop the mast, thar be a true crow’s nest to spy ole Davy Jone’s or those hidden sea monsters!

    Climb aboard mates, and see what dreams ye’ll be hav’n ta night in ye very own pirate ship bed among pirates of the Caribbean!

    Natural wood color, red and black are the three colors that we can see in this pirate ship bed design from Stopdcf. The waves under the bed make it look fun and interesting. Even the small teddy bear on the bed has a small eye patch.

Pirate Ship Bed Plans | BED PLANS DIY & BLUEPRINTS

Want to know how to build a pirate ship kids bed? If you are a handy person you can have a try at a home built pirate ship bed by using these plans. It will surely be more special to the child, expecially if they get to see you building it for them. The trundle bed design allows for sleepovers or extra storage. Instructions include a cutting list, drawings and step by step instructions. You are obviously going to need to supply all the bulding materials and tools. If you build it in a workshop it can easily be disassembled for transport. Price for pirate bed blueprints is about $25.