I’ve always thought of Pixy Stix as the cocaine of the candy world.

Maybe you should have given her the pixy stix?

A little history about Pixy Stix:

– Giant Pixy Stix are 21 inches tall?

Pixy Stix Candy Filled Fun Straws, 0.42 Ounce (Pack of 85)

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  • When I was a kid growing up in Houston, a father put cyanide in a Pixy Stix and gave it to his son. He said it was from a house down the street from where they were trick or treating. A house where there was nobody home. He had supposedly walked back and gotten the candy from the house to give to his son.

    I feel like I’m missing out by not having eaten these “Pixy Stix” as a child. When I was younger, I used to pop to a small shop called Cronin’s (and sometimes Rutter’s, which is still there) and try and get as many sweets as I could without spending too much money.

  • Later, the boy ate the Pixy Stix and died a horrible death. After the father tried to collect the $1,000,000 life insurance policy he had taken out on his son a few months earlier, he was arrested and later convincted of first degree murder.

    Once you’ve made fruit powder (get the recipe in ), the next logical step is learning how to make pixy stix (a.k.a. pixie sticks). Homemade pixy stix are straws filled with fruit powder and sugar (I’ll suggest a proportion, but it’s ultimately your call on how much sugar you choose to add).

    Item Description Price Heat
    27254 PIXY STIX 4 pounds
    27256 PIXY STIX 1 pound
    27251 PIXY STIX Wrapped Sticks 2500 ct

  • Name: Giant Pixy Stix (Grape)
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    Brand: Wonka (Nestle)
    Place Purchased: sample from CandyWarehouse
    Price: $.50 each when purchasing box
    Size: 1 ounce
    Calories per ounce: unknown
    Categories: United States, Nestle

    I’m certainly not the first to make homemade pixy stix. You can find another tutorial over on which she adapted from a recipe on . Mine have the distinction of being strawberry rhubarb flavored and, of course, they’ll soon be gracing a cupcake with their presence.

6. Go get 2 ice cream cones as a Pixy Stix Taste Test chaser.

Many generations of people have fond memories of an extremely sweet and sour powdered candy known as Pixy Stix®. Pixy Stix® are packaged in straw-like paper wrappers which are torn open to allow the powder to be consumed directly. Some people may remember a much larger version called Giant Pixy Stix®, which were packaged in 21 inch plastic tubes. Popular Pixy Stix® flavors include orange, grape and green apple.