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Dreambaby Outlet Plugs, 24 Count

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  • When a device is plugged in, a FeliCa Lite chip built into the plug relays information about the electrical device to a reader/writer built into the outlet. While the plug and outlet communicate through a wireless antenna in the current system, the company is also developing a version that exchanges data through the power cable.

    For travelers, international adapters can allow devices made in one country to be plugged into outlets in others. Just because someone may be able to plug an electronic component into an international outlet does not mean he or she should, however. If the component is not made for higher voltage, the person will also need a converter to lessen the voltage. Otherwise, the electricity will overpower the equipment and cause it to become inoperable.

  • Please check all your plug outlets in your home. Most home owners think all is OK with their electrical when the lights come on and go off and all other electrical comes on. However, there are many hidden issues that a home owner can save time, money and headaches if they do periodical checks in their home. The first being look at all your plug outlets. Items such as your freeze, refrigerator, televisions, portable heaters can over time over heat a plug outlet which later can short out the equipment or cause a fire at the plug and cord. Checking them often can prevent equipment failure, melted plugs or risk of fire.

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