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The Pokemon Go Plus is priced at $ 34.99 (£ 34.99 / AU $ 49.95) and is for sale worldwide.

Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus

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  • TAG : It's not like you need a Pokemon Go Plus to play the game, though.
  • Pokemon Go Plus is basically a tiny device that connects to Pokemon Go via Bluetooth and makes sounds when something is about to happen in the game so you don’t have to stare at your screen constantly. It’s set to arrive on the 16th of September and you can already place a pre-order on it.

    Pokemon Go Plus Tips: How To Use Upcoming PoGo Device : Pokemon Go Plus is due to arrive on September 16. Fortunately, some early birds who got the device are willing to share their experiences with it.

  • Furthermore, if a smartphone gets too hot the inner components can be damaged by the heat. People also have a hard time paying attention to both what’s in front of them as well as the smartphone screen so an alternative is needed, and Pokemon Go Plus will solve all these problems.

    Pokemon Go Plus is a device so small that it can be worn around the player’s wrist or could fit easily in the pocket. This upcoming Nintendo PoGo accessory allows players to catch Pokemon without the need of unlocking their smartphones or mobile devices. Reddit user c-a-m-i of the Pokemon Go Plus features.

  • Pokemon GO Plus, the upcoming accessory for Pokemon GO, is one of the items on display at Nintendo’s Gamescom booth this year. Get a closer look at it in the video below.

It's not like you need a Pokemon Go Plus to play the game, though.

The Pokemon Go Plus is so simple it’s actually rather difficult to review. It does exactly what you’d expect. Are you a hardcore Pokemon Go player? If so, the Go Plus will provide a convenient way to keep the game even closer to you at all times without draining your battery as fiercely as actively using your phone will. It’s expensive, but how much value do you put on being able to count steps and catch Pokemon more quickly and for longer? This is strictly for the most dedicated trainers, but for those who can’t get enough this is a decent if expensive add-on.