pool noodle especially cheap at the end of summer pool

Pool noodles are one of the weirdest pool toys

Fun Noodle

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  • Pool noodles are cheap, colorful and useful for more than just swimming. If your pool noodles have been damaged, don’t throw them away. Use them around your home for projects, crafts and games.
    Here are some ideas:

    […] was browsing Pinterest tonight, and came across this pin about A Bajillion Things to do With Pool Noodles, and I couldn’t pass up sharing! Pool noodles are cheap and in season right now – and […]

  • Pool noodles are actually nearly identical to industrial and residential foam insulation for pipes, the only difference being the industrial use version of the technology is a denser foam and has a structural reinforcement outer layer. People have used pool noodles as cheaper versions of the industrial pipe insulation inside buildings at a substantial cost savings, as the industrial version is about twice to four times as expensive.

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