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  • The standing element is an obvious challenge for potty training boys. When your son is ready to learn to pee standing up, several readers, including Alicia O., recommend having an older male relative set an example. "Let him follow daddy around or older siblings; ."

    With five sons, Lisa B. definitely speaks from experience when she suggests . "I think potty training boys is easiest when done in the warmer months of Spring and Summer. Pick a tree in the backyard and have fun! They learn quite quickly."

  • Although many , potty training boys does pose some unique challenges. Whether you're wondering when to start potty training boys, whether to teach sitting or standing first, and how to encourage good aim, readers have offered great toilet-training tips to help you potty train boys with confidence.

    Continual motivation and reminders are very important for potty training boys, as active toddler boys may not want to stop what they're doing in order to use the toilet or stay on the toilet long enough to relax and go. Tips from readers for motivating boys include buying "big-kid" underwear that he'll want to keep clean, having special toys and books for potty time, and offering plenty of praise and prizes. "[We] made a chart with stickers so whenever he would use the potty we would let him put the sticker on the chart, and at the end of the week, if he had 10 stars we would take him to the store and buy him a little toy. ," says Cassie J. "Try using temporary tattoos! That's how I got mine to like going to bathroom. Then when [he] saw the tattoo, it reminded him and to show them off!" offers Carol G.

    Looking for more tips? From to articles on bed-wetting in older children, is a helpful source for parenting information, whether you're a parent to , or . Try joining the to connect with other moms currently going through the same challenges and exciting developments.

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    How to Potty train a Boy Fast

    Receiving no doubt layers a milestone in the development of a child. Do not potty training boys harder than it should be .

    1 . From potty training boys without the communication skills necessary

    Solution: Wait until your child understands simple instructions and knows the words associated with the use of a bathroom. Start a pot pre- workout routine newspaper that teaches your child's development .

    Two . Other providers using different training techniques

    Solution: agree on a program of potty training boys all caregivers follow other than confuse the child.

    Three . Here discontent accident

    Solution: 's face it , accidents happen. Or disapproval of the sentence only increases the likelihood of future accidents or physiological problems. Learn to count to ten and smile. Watch your tone of voice. Use training pants .

    April. Push your difficult child who causes stress and constipation

    Solution: develop a strategy that makes fun of potty training boys for your child. Consider teaching a model of training and the use of murals and stickers.

    May Fiber in the diet leads to inadequate defecation

    Solution: Ensure plenty of fruits and vegetables in the diet. Increasing fluid intake , especially water . Do not start potty training boys, if the child is constipated.

    June Without neglecting long enough to go to the bathroom

    Solution : Lock a weekend or a few days . Give child potty training boys and the focus and attention they deserve.

    July. From potty training boys when you are stressed child

    Solution : Wait for an emotional problem is resolved. Wait a few weeks or months is better than adding to the stress of her son.

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" Here are some great tips for potty training boys. If you decide to teach you son to pee standing up, have him "sink the battle ship" Use Potty Scotty toilet targets , toilet paper, cheerios, or even ice cubes colored with food coloring and have your child ..."