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Society6 Seahorse: Purple Hand Towel

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  • Purple Seahorse is different to many other fundraising consultancies. We provide a fundraiser with all round fundraising experience – someone with knowledge and insight who can work to develop or deliver your fundraising strategy while maintaining a big picture view, whether working on one stream or department wide.

    Sometimes you just need more hands! Whether it’s operational challenges, change management, a team in need of support or just a desire for a short term capacity boost, Purple Seahorse can help. No job is too big or too small. Need a pair of fresh eyes for a day? Require some longer-term interim support? Please, just ask!

  • Providing you with intuitive, insightful and imaginative consultancy solutions, Purple Seahorse will support you in engaging your supporters and staff to maximise your organisation's potential.

    At the heart of every Purple Seahorse project you will find the supporter. Whatever our role, developing the dedication of your supporters to your cause is the foundation of what we do.

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  • Anders Renee is a purple seahorse living in a trannyboi’s body with a queer mind that is up to no good. He just received his BA in Gender Studies from Scripps College and can’t wait to explore his own voice and discover new ones. When he’s not cutting people’s hair he can probably be found eating a burrito and scribbling down poems on paper plates.

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Seahorses are threatened by harvesting (for use or Asian medicine), , and pollution. Because they are hard to find in the wild, population sizes may not be well-known for many . Some ways you can help seahorses are not purchasing souvenir seahorses, not using seahorses in your aquarium, support seahorse conservation programs, and avoid polluting water by not using chemicals on your lawn and by using eco-friendly household cleaners.