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Features: Standard Sub cutout is 7.19" and fits most shallow mount 8" subs

Alpine KTE-10G 10" Type-R / Type-S Subwoofer Grille Grill

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    These incredible subwoofers from Alpine have withstood the test of time and proven themselves to be one of the top subwoofer choices for car audio enthusiasts. The Type R subwoofers are designed and engineered for big bass, as well as a durable sub that will last for many years to come. These woofers use a pulp cone that is reinforced with Kevlar for an incredibly durable and rigid structure. The ribbed multi-roll santoprene surround is designed for excellent response, while assisting in smoother cone movement and excursion. The subwoofer will stay cool under extended hard playing with the unique thermal management system that Alpine designed into the Type R Subwoofer. The tinsel leads are hidden and woven into the dual Nomex spiders for a strong and unbreakable connection. For those looking for an industry standard subwoofer with break-taking bass, consider the Alpine Type-R subwoofer.

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    I like McBride for a sub here or a points win. He just needs to fight smart and avoid an early takedown in the fight. Saying that Lentz can easily win this on points if McBride fights dumb. But I like Mcbride for this mainly because he is big with a great top game and expert subs. Lentz i believe is too small for this weight class.

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    I found the knob, and you were right, I had overlooked it originally. I am still interested in what the software downloads are for? I am out of town next week and I will check with the dealer when I get back. I still think with a download you might be able to control the sub gain from the head unit menu. This is common on most after market systems.

    McBride 30, 6"1, 8-1, Debut in the UFC, trains with Johnny Case, All his wins are by Sub with 1 decision loss. Fights infrequently. Took this on a weeks notice. Missed weight but not a big deal since he had no time to cut. Tall wrestler, good top game, dominant. But bad takedown defence, and little time to work it for a guy like Lentz.

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Jim, I think there is a different sub for the '05 and possibly the '06 than the '01-'04. I am trying to figure out if they are the same or not. The instructions are clearly new as of Jan 2005. I also have clear information in the instructions stating that I need TWO downloads for my install to be complete. I am sorry that my interest in completing my sub install and getting a working gain control insults you, that is not my purpose. Don't you think it is possible that Volvo might change the design of one of their accessories? Again I would request that you treat me with a little more respect than the common un-knowing car user. I am afterall pretty knowledgeable about Volvos, car stereos, and technology in general.