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  • This place is a historical anomaly, a circuit designed to show off the monstrous speed of prewar Grand Prix cars and long since adjudged too dangerous for more powerful motorsport categories. Nothing faster than GT3 cars competes here these days, and the Nordschleife’s main function is as a dynamic playground for chassis engineers and, through the Tourist Driving sessions when anyone can have a lap in return for 29 euros, to keep YouTube stocked with crash videos.

    All shared in the concern when Joe suffered a brain injury in 2013, which required seven surgeries. Other than short-term memory loss, he’s recovered well.

  • The GT R is in its spiritual, if not corporeal, home. We might be 191 miles from AMG’s base in Affalterbach, but every part of this car has been designed to perform here, especially against the clock. The R is wearing a bright metallic shade of paint that puts us in mind of a streaking frog, officially known as Green Hell Magno. This is a reference to Jackie Stewart’s famous description of what the Nürburgring was back in its driver-slaying heyday (we hope he’s getting a licensing fee) and evidence of the obsession with the place that grips the auto industry.

    But, of course, it’s very hard to put a business case together just based on a couple of opinions from some weirdos in the company. So we really had to get the numbers together. But I also remember Bike EXIF started to explode back then. And we also used that as a point.

    ke$ha - we r who we r 03:32 kesha - we r who we r 03:32 kesha - we r who we r 03:32
    kesha - we r who we r 03:32 kesha - we r who we r 03:32 kesha - we r who we r 03:32
    kesha - we r who we r 03:32 kesha - we r who we r - funny parody 02:33 kesha - we r who we - funny parody 02:33

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