It was plain enough to him that the old tub was not a racer.

It was plain enough to him that the old tub was not a racer.

Balkany even lamented that Sarkozy "looked more like a Tour de France racer than a president."
Box Car Racer
Taken as a whole, the Irish Setter is built more after the type of a racer.

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  • Sawyer and the other Oración Seis members are seen walking in wasteland, as Jellal describes Sawyer's prayer to Meredy of him wanting to be so fast, that no one can catch him. Later the Mages save Jellal from Rustyrose's attack; Racer stating they can burn time with Jellal's ambitions, with all of them agreeing to follow the former and take down Zeref.

    However, the group instead prepares to battle and upon hearing Jellal say he will take on all of them at once, Racer remarks that they are being underestimated and states that they won't let anyone take their freedom. The first to engage, he finds himself unable to hit Jellal, who casually refers to him as "Sawyer" prompting Racer to speak out against the use of his real name. Cobra's intervention proves fruitless as well, as Jellal knocks the former into Racer, sending them flying. Seeing Jellal take on all of Oración Seis at once, Racer is visibly frustrated. However, he does eventually manage to hit Jellal once, continuing his assault alongside Cobra to hit Jellal a number of times as the Mage struggles to fight back. As Midnight states from behind that they are giving it their all because they are finally free, Jellal suddenly surges forward, smashing Racer in the face as he states that the freedom they think they have is a lie, true freedom being something that he will offer them. Falling to the ground as Jellal moves to take on his friends, both Racer and the others fail to notice Brain moving behind them, awakening as Zero. Racer later listens in shock as Jellal states that he'll free the Oración Seis by defeating them; Racer watches, utterly bewildered, as Jellal is viciously attacked by a revived Zero.As Racer looks on in shock at how nothing is left of Jellal, the man reappears in a shattering of light, revealing Zero's assault to be Midnight's illusion, something which irritates Racer. Suddenly, light envelops Racer and his comrades and they are struck by Jellal's , greatly injuring him; he and his fellows are also struck by the mighty , leaving all of the fighting Oración Seis defeated in the spell's crater.

    Honda CB 750 Café Racer




    The full Honda CB750 Café Racer buildup can be found over on the Anatomy of a Café Racer, where talented young guy called Pete (from Kansas) recorder every step of the build process. It took him over 2 years!, but it was worth the wait. Found on Craigs list untder the title “rebuilt 1981 CB750″ for sale, Pete bought the complete bike in boxes. Interesting thing is that all of this was stored in antique shop in Kansas!

    With a bunch of custom parts and lots of creativity, Pete created something that can be described as the “pure essence of Café Racer’s”. Engine is, as always, modified with parts like camshafts from a CB900, oil cooling system from a CB900F and two 34mm Mikuni carbs. Wheels are stock, and the tires come from Supermoto bike. Front forks are again borowed from a larger CB900, and the gas tank and seat are from Benjie’s Café Racer.

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    After having been imprisoned, Racer, along with the rest of the Oración Seis, are shown to have been freed by . Commenting that freedom is a wonderful thing, Racer watches with a disturbed expression as Cobra coldly cuts Brain down in front of them. Afterwards, he gleefully asks what they should do first; as the other members voice what they wish to do, and appear, prepared to assign the group their first task.

Details of Honda CB350 cafe racer:

I recently picked up a 1972 Honda CL350 off Craigslist to use as a parts bike for my cafe racer rebuild. I had been ordering replacement parts piecemeal off of the interweb and I was averaging $50 a part. For $150 in a snowstorm I was able to pick up the CL350 and everything is there and in decent shape. It is almost a shame to dismantle the old girl but I really need the parts. Here she is yesterday in all her dusty glory before the part-robbing begins.