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  • Today, pacifiers have become not only a soothing product for your baby, but a way to let your baby's personality shine, too. Pacifiers come shaped as animals, or with their name printed on it. Additionally, many pacifier manufacturers have even made covers, and caps to keep the pacifiers clean in between uses. While this has gone a long way in improving the hygiene of pacifiers, there was always still a concern of dropped pacifiers. It was not until the introduction of the RazBaby pacifiers that mothers were able to breathe easier when a baby dropped its pacifier. With the , if the pacifier is dropped, the attached protective shield closes around the nipple of the pacifier. This protective shield protects it from getting dirty, giving your baby a more sanitary soothing option.

    Although some people choose not to use pacifiers with infants, there is no longer the stigma that once was associated with the use of baby pacifiers. However, some people are still concerned with the unsanitary nature of pacifiers. There are many types of pacifiers that are available, in many sizes, and shapes. One choice of pacifier that helps to avoid the possibility of a baby using a contaminated pacifier is the . If you are not sure how to buy a RazBaby pacifier, such as on , the best place to start is by considering the style needed.

  • With RazBaby pacifiers, the personalization is engraved in lieu of ink printing that is done by other companies. This is not only a safer way to personalize, but it is also permanent. Whereas ink printing can wear off, engraving becomes part of the product and lasts forever. This personalization helps prevent the instance of confusing what item belong to which child. Not only keeping the child's belongings where they should be, but reducing cross contamination issues.

    RazBaby pacifiers are made with a soft orthodontic silicone nipple that is symmetrical, and made to flex comfortably in the child's mouth. The attached shield is contoured to fit against the child's face, and has ventilation holes that help keep the baby's delicate skin from being irritated. Although the shield of the RazBaby pacifier automatically closes once the pacifier is removed from the baby's mouth, the company states that the shield does not, pinch, or apply any pressure when in use. The sensitivity to motion is what allows this pacifier to have the "Keep-It-Kleen" technology.

  • The RazBaby pacifier can be used by an infant of any age. However, a baby that is less than nine months of age generally cannot open the pacifier shield on his or her own. A child of this age lacks the dexterity needed to be able to manipulate the protective shield to be able to expose the nipple. Before being able to do it on his or her own, Mom or Dad needs to open the shield for the baby. However, this is a small price to pay for the peace of mind knowing that the pacifier is clean.

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If you choose to use a pacifier to help soothe, and comfort your baby, you can feel good about choosing a reliable option like RazBaby pacifiers. This pacifier offer an attached shield that automatically closes once the pacifier is removed from the baby's mouth, keeping it clean from dirt, and germs. Not only does this make RazBaby pacifiers a more hygienic option, the fact that it uses BPA-free orthodontic silicone for the nipple allows you to breathe easy knowing that you are offering the safest possible option for your baby. To further to cleanliness of your child's pacifier, you can also purchase the pacifier clip that is also made by RazBaby. This clip keeps your child pacifier hooked to their body, and off f the floor. Combined with the "Keep-It-Kleen" shield, this pacifier cannot be beat. In addition to the fact that this pacifier is a great option for your baby, it is also good to know that you can find simple purchasing options online that offer exceptional service, and convenience. The best part is that the innovative products from RazBaby can be found for sale on eBay.