BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Safety Tips

BOB sent me my Revolution Flex Duallie Jogging Stroller the review for this post. Opinions are 100% my own and not influenced by compensation.

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  • Its quality is not at all good. The wheels keep coming out no matter you try to place them again and the plastic is also not sturdy. Its totally fake and not actual Revoflex. It doesn't have any brand name also on the product as shown in the image.

    REVO Digital Flexo Standards will be available to the entire flexo industry 6 months after the official presentation of the REVO Project. REVO Partners agree to promote an “industry move” of flexo towards the full digitalization of the process, and agree to share at a later stage all the standards and the protocols defined for the best performance of the REVO Digital Flexo Revolution. The REVO Project standards will be open to all the flexographic industry players, who are willing to share the REVO Digital Flexo objectives.

  • Who doesn’t want to get rippling muscles and toned body that not only makes you look good but feel good too? But we have this notion that you can only get toned abs by doing hundreds of sit ups every day. We think we can only get that toned chest and fit shoulders if we spend hours in the gym lifting weights. Whoever said gym equipment has to be heavy and bulky can think again because Revoflex X-Treme is a sensational exception to this age old misconception. And importantly it delivers results that will leave you amazed.

    The Revoflex X-Treme is very effective way to burn fat and tone body without hitting the gym making it more easy solution for workout. Its size is so small and compact that it can be taken anywhere while traveling so you don’t need to sulk about leaving workout while traveling. The sturdy unique design of Revoflex X-Treme makes it possible to target major core muscles along with its default target of upper, middle and lower abs section. The power bands are designed to provide maximum tension to make sure more calories burn in progression. Best of all, it takes only 5 minutes to get a fit dream body.

  • Cons:
    Since Revoflex X-Treme is compact the overall workout does not account for the workout that happens using machines inside a gym. Also other parts of body like chest, shoulders, arms and back are given secondary focus making the workout incomplete.

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The brand-new padded handlebar on the BOB Revolution FLEX has 9 positions, adjusting as low as 33.5 inches and as high as 45.8 inches. So if Mama is short and Daddy is tall (or vice-versa), neither of them has to sacrifice any comfort in their jogging stroller; just switch the height and go, baby, go!