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Parallax morphing of a Giant Robot Dinosaur with machine gun lasers via
Zoomer Dino
¡Construye pieza a pieza un fantástico robot dinosaurio y prepárate para la lucha!


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  • The Pleo Robot Dinosaur features touch sensors in the mouth, chin, back, head, feet and shoulders, for downloading new personalities, and a camera-based vision system to sense its path around by light.

    The Pleo Robot Dinosaur is a cool thing to own. It costs US $449. It is very expensive, but with all the nice features that this rubber skinned robot dinosaur has, the price tag is not too high at all.

  • The has reptilian-like skin, which looks quite real. It can walk, move its eyes, roar and makes different noises to let you know what he wants, including petting and feeding. The D-Rex Robotic Dinosaur comes with a cool remote control, and it is voice activated, too. Kids can control the dinosaur’s movements, expressions, and realistic sounds--all with the remote control. The D-Rex dinosaur responds to touch and voice, attacks and obeys on command, and you can also program him to perform up to 30 different actions. The D-Rex Robotic Dinosaur is one of the coolest interactive robot dinosaurs available on the market. It measures 22" x 14" x 6 and has a sense of humor and is full of surprises.

    The D-Rex Robotic Dinosaur is great for ages 8 or above. It costs $109.95, and is a great item to give to your child or someone else for a special occasion.

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  • The measures 14.5 x 10.9 x 2 inches. It is a that when assembled, becomes a functional robotic dinosaur. The package contains 100 mixed small and large size pieces, and no glue or tools are needed to assemble the dinosaur. For kids, knowing that they have constructed a dinosaur will build self-esteem and confidence. Plus, constructing the dinosaur toy will also assist in the development of the child’s problem solving and creating thinking skills.

Robot Dinosaur starts with the assembling of a dinosaur

The WowWee Roborapter Robotic Dinosaur comes with impressive features. For example, its laser tracking system allows you to draw a path, and he will follow it. In addition to this, can change his behavior. He can go into cautious and nervous mode, predatory mode, playful or friendly mode, and in all these modes, it behaves very differently, allowing you to fully enjoy this toy. Other features of this toy include an artificial intelligence (AI) personality, realistic body movement, and over forty preprogrammed functions. He is sensitive to objects, so he will stay away from a chair or table legs. He is quite steady on his feet, and moves well on both hard and smooth surfaces.