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banker's tray, and the official The Game of Life rules and instructions

If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules: Ten Rules for Being Human as Introduced in Chicken Soup for the Soul

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  • Sometimes we lives as if the rules of the game of life are set outside of us and our fates are determined by those rules. But the reality is that we get to make it up. What rules are ready to be changed in your life today?

    It can be difficult to discern the Rules of the Game of Life. There are so many Players, each hoping the Rules they’ve been using will help them reach the Rewards they seek—so many different sets of Rules, so much disunity—that we witness in our Family’s history conflict after conflict, all based on particular rulers’ sets of Rules, all played to secure material rewards (even those that claim a spiritual purpose).

  • Your friends are coming over and you have no idea how to keep them entertained? Doesn't matter if you are child or an adult, the Game of Life is a fun game to play with family and friends. You can traverse your whole life with this game. Buzzle takes you through the rules of the Game of Life.

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