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  • If you're setting a table for a formal dinner, my can help. Preplanning for a special dinner is key to serving on time and maintaining the proper temperature of food. It also alleviates stress and makes your dinner party more enjoyable for guests as well as for yourself, the host.

    Having the right equipment for a dinner party can help you to stay on target when it comes to serving. It's also easier to cook for a group when you use the right equipment. Find some helpful tips about products for buffets or housewares for serving at special events, formal dinners, weddings or group and sports socials.

    Hosting a dinner and need a reminder of how to set a proper table setting and where the cutlery should be placed around the tableware? Forget which side the water glass goes on or where the napkin should be placed?

    Our lives are pretty hectic, and since eating in front of the television has become the norm for some of us, it's easy to forget how to set a nice table and the proper placement of tableware and cutlery. So here's a quick refresher on how to set a table for that 'perfect' dinner.

  • For special occasions or when you have guests over, setting the table properly can add to a meal's charm. With all the extra utensils and tableware, though, it can be hard remembering where exactly everything should go. Here are some guidelines for proper table setting.

    This cheat sheet from (click to zoom or right-click to save) shows the anatomy of a place setting for when you're dining out and don't know whose goblet is whose, but it can also help you remember setting a table properly.

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    Your place settings may vary by what you're serving (e.g., if you're not having soup, why place a soup bowl there). has a form you can use to check the items you'll be serving and get back an illustration of how to set the table. Here's an example of a really formal setting that includes everything:

English Classes for Brazilians in the UK: How to set a table

There’s more to setting a table than knowing where the knives go. There’s your imagination, for instance. The way you add a pop of color or a special detail and suddenly, a quick bite to eat becomes a fun family dinner. Or maybe it’s the way your parties get remembered and talked about long after the fact.