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492. Shaymin (Land & Sky Formes)

Shaymin will be available via Nintendo Wi-Fi starting Friday, July 1st.

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  • so go the long way at the end go out more trainers will be thereat the end of all battles talk to professor oak type in dauntae shaymin will come down but it will go back up in a strahit line and your done

    Reset ur step counter. Now go east for 870 steps. Then go north part for approximately 64500 steps and you will come to the south of Marine City in a version not loaded of Sinnoh. Continue going up until u reach Floral Paradise (a narrow very long way, of white color). It uses the Kit of Exploration with the button And (you must have it in And from before, never enter to the menu of game doing the trick except in the zones Jubilife City). The game will be saved, will give a mistake and will be restarted. After it, it enters to the menu. Now the way to Floral Paradise will be totally loaded (green, with flowers), it is enough to follow it towards the North to face Shaymin.

  • Shaymin , known as the Pokémon, is a -like that premiered in . In its original hedgehog-like form officially named , its fur is pure white and instead of , Shaymin has green grass growing on its back along with pink flowers growing on the sides of its head, giving it an even more flower-like appearance. It also has another form officially named , where it becomes reindeer-like, keeping its white body but gets a green touch at the end of its legs, and also getting a -like head decoration and two leaves on its neck somewhat resembling a scarf. Shaymin resides in the Flower Paradise, a flower-filled field untouched by humans.

    for shaymin u just go back in victory road but take a different direction than u did to get to the pokemon league. i suggest u go to the pokemon league and go a different way because if u start at the beginning u might get lost. if u had an action replay i could just walkthrough everything and find shaymin.

    Chibi-Baka3 said:
    Okay, the only way that you could get those Pokemon are from events. Darkrai, for an example, was able to be obtained a year ago from Toys-R-Us, as was Shaymin (I believe). Like said in one comment, you need Oak's Letter to be able to get Shaymin.

    As for Arceus, I believe you can only get it through Action Replay. There may be some other ways, but those may lead to consequences such as crashing your game.

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    DP168 Shaymin Dawn's Pokédex Shaymin, the Gratitude Pokémon. When the Gracidea flower is in bloom, its pollen allows Shaymin to change into its Sky Forme from its Land Forme. Shaymin also have a tendency to migrate.

    look up on the internet if there is a event near you soon, , this happend last week so i dont know if it still goes on, but i you can get shaymin on diamond and pearl, you first have to go to the Jubilife TV station on the 3rd floor and there will be a guy standing with a girl, the guy will ask you a question, and the first thing you answer is "everybody Happy" and the next question you answer "wi-fi Connection" and you get a mystery gift, you will need that mystery gift to download shaymin at a event, i got 2 shaymins both level 50, and once you trade it to platnium you can change it to its sky form, by giveing it a flower from floraroma town...

Shaymin does not learn any HMs in Pokémon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire.

Land Forme Shaymin can be found at World Axle Glacier B2 after meeting 100 People; whilst Sky Forme Shaymin appears at World Axle Forest B1 after meeting a total of 120 people in .