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Disney Sheriff Callie's Wild West, Nice and Friendly Corners Figure Pack

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  • She spends her days helping out the townsfolk. Aiding her in her benevolent endeavors are her trusty noodle lasso, which can take on all kinds of shapes to perform any task, and her trusty horse Sparky. Sheriff Callie is usually the hero of the day, but she's not afraid to ask for help if she needs it.

    Sheriff Callie can often be seen with her trusty horse Sparky, but Deputy Peck (voice of Lucas Grabeel) and Toby the cactus (voice of Jessica DiCicco) are her other sidekicks.

  • Sheriff Callie's Wild West features colorful animation, folksy characters, Western style music and more in a show designed to entertain preschoolers while conveying positive lessons about good manners and social ethics.

    The Disney Channel's show for preschoolers Sheriff Callie's Wild West features all kinds of folksy characters who represent stereotypes from the Old West. Pictured here, Sheriff Callie, Peck and Toby play horseshoes with Mr. Dillo the armadillo, who is the town blacksmith, and Uncle Bun, a jack rabbit who runs the general store.

    Media: Sheriff Callie's Wild West (Episode List)

    Characters: Sheriff Callie | Deputy Peck | Toby | Sparky | Doc Quackers | Priscilla Skunk | Uncle Bun | Mr. Dillo | Ella Cowbelle | Tio Tortuga | Farmer Stinky | Dirty Dan and Dusty | Mama Bun | Clementine | Banker Badger

    Songs: Sheriff Callie's Wild West Theme Song | Horseshoe Peck Is The Best | Count On Us | Chugga Chugga Choo Choo Train | Sayin' I'm Sorry | Picture Perfect | Apology Song | Amazing Lucky Scarf | There's A Scary-Looking Wolf In Town | Milkshake Shake | Ask For Help | If You Could Go Fast | Wish I Could Do Tricks Like That | The Fabulous Fantastic Flying Mule | May the Best Brother Win | Sparky Come Back To Me | Ridin' | I'm Gonna Get To The Bottom of This | Super Shiny Deputy Star | Dancin' the Cowgirl Twirl | The Pie Thief | Big City | Hot Hot Heat | Gotta Pick 'Em Fast | My Moustache and Me | The Whole Town's Cookin' | Who Could It Be? | I Found a Prickly Pal | I Ain't A-Scared of Nothin'

    Locations: Nice and Friendly Corners

    Other: Magic Lasso

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    Meet the good sheriff Callie (voice of Mandy Moore) and her trusty horse Sparky from the Disney Channel series for preschoolers Sheriff Callie's Wild West.

Create your own 3D guitar and sing along with Sheriff Callie!

Sparky feels jealous of the new, fast Iron Horse train which Mr. Engineer describes as being better than horses. Later, they rescue Priscilla Skunk after she accidentally touches a lever that caused the Iron Horse to go out of control in a high rate of speed, Sheriff Callie teaches Sparky that no train can replace a trusty horse.