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Hunter's Specialties 6' Cable Lock with Key Lock

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  • Racing bicycles are in a class all their own. The race is on to design the most efficient specialty bike in this class. The use of paper thin tires, light weight frames, and high gear aspect ratios help competitive racers have a distinct edge when racing these specialty bikes.

    Touring bicycles then would be the opposite. These specialty bikes are designed to go long distances and carry luggage loads. Bicycle touring has become a popular past time, as we’ll explore later, and there are many specialty bikes to cater to this new found way of touring a new destination.

  • Hybrid bicycles are specialty bikes that receive their drive power both from the petals and an alternate source, be it a battery or gas powered motor or even solar panels. These specialty bikes allow the rider to go greater distances with minimal effort.

    Low Rider bicycles and chopper bikes are also relatively new specialty bikes. They are a result of the motorcycle culture of the same name. People take BMX style bicycles and “chop” them by adding longer front forks or shortening the rear fork to create a look similar to choppers and low rider motorcycles. Many other custom modifications are available when designing these specialty bikes from ordinary bicycles.

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    Tandem bicycles can refer to any of the specialty bikes that seat more than one person. But when you hear tandem bicycle, the first thing that comes to many peoples mind is a two-seater frame where each bike rider is powering their own set of bicycle pedals. This is a great specialty bike for couples who want to enjoy bike riding together.

Scattante CX 350 Cyclocross Bike - 2014 - Specialty Bikes

Cypress California – In conjunction with the 40th annual Tokyo Motor Show, Motor Corporation Japan has launched a unique website dedicated to the special bikes that made this years event so memorable.