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Spot It

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  • KENO BONUS is not available for the 10-spot, 11-spot, or 12-spot KENO games. A KENO BONUS wager is only valid when played in conjunction with a valid KENO wager.

    So you might be wondering what kind of genre this is. A platformer, you’d assume, because all the other Spot games were, right? Well, that ‘Edit Board’ thing might give you a bit of a hint. See, this isn’t a platformer, or any sort of action game at all.

  • The Spot It Game is fun, easy to learn , and fast to play. It is suitable for ages, kids to adults, and it’s reasonably priced. There are a limited number of popular kid’s games that fall into the affordable category, and this is one. Order the Spot It card game today and you can see it shipped tomorrow.

    Playing the Spot It Game with your child can be a lot of fun. You’ll be surprised at how quickly a nine year old can learn to outplay you. The simplest version of the Spot It game involves being the first to spot the identical symbols on different cards, but there are other versions of play included in the rules.

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    Math Marks the Spot Game
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    Probability of winning a prize in this game = 1:4.00
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    The Spot It game is a children’s card game that teaches quick mental reflex, and object recognition. It is an engaging card matching game that comes in its own colorful collectors tin, and it can be played practically anywhere.

Cool Spot gameplay (PC Game, 1993)